iOS loses connection to Core [Solved]

Last year I started a topic about briefly losing contact between Core and iPad (for remote).
iOS briefly loses connection to Core
I have found a partial solution for my situation. In my modem / router I changed a setting that had consequences. I have adjusted the lease time in DHCP Settings. It was set to 1 hour and I changed that to 24 hours. I have not had a contact failure for half a day now. Maybe I’m too enthusiastic about this solution, but for now it looks good.
Which problems have not yet been (completely) solved:

  1. When I start up Roon on my iPad, the covers may still be gone, but I found a solution for this by changing the WiFi setting 2.4G <> 5G. Furthermore, I always have to close on the overview page with my albums. That gives the least problems when restarting.
  2. When I shut down my PC, my iPad loses the connection with the Core after a minute. When I restart the PC, it also has no connection, but after a few minutes both are connected again. My iPad is therefore not connected to the Core when the PC is off. This problem started at the beginning of this month without my network changing.

Next week I’m going to transfer the Core from the sonicTransport to my PC. I wonder how the network connections behave. Will the cover problem and the dependency of the iPad on my PC disappear? Or do I get other problems in return?
I will report the results next week.

My music server the sonicTransporter has been sent and I am now working with the Core on my PC. It is all a bit slower, especially starting up takes a while. The connection to the iPad is now virtually hassle-free. The only things I encounter now are 1. at start-up the iPad sometimes asks which Core I want to connect to and 2. in the album recommendations I sometimes miss some covers of Qobuz albums that Roon recommends. This cover missing is nothing compared to the missing covers when the Core is installed on the ST. When I restart Roon all covers are visible again.
Can I now conclude that the cover problem is still caused by the ST? Are there others who have had experiences with this?


A while ago I started threads about problems with my iPad. Roon’s Remote was plagued by lost connections, missing covers, timeline problems (also on my PC) and lately even dependency between the iPad and the PC while the Core was active on the sonicTransport. When I shut down Roon on the PC, Remote stopped on the iPad.
With my latest setup of my audio network and a revision by Andrew Gillis of my sonicTransport, I have been relieved of all problems and has been doing so for more than three weeks.
In an webinar about audio network by Andrew, which can be seen on YouTube, he said that the AP should be placed between the router and the switch. I replaced my second router that provided the WiFi signal with an AP and put it in front of the switch. On my overview you can see what that looks like:

Hopefully it will help if you have similar problems with your iPad and Wi-Fi.


Hi Bert,

Glad it is working for you. I noticed you got rid of the Fritzbox.