iOS (maybe android too ?) device, after energy saving it looses focus in album list [Ticket In]

Hi all,
maybe this question came up in the past but a quick search does not show me any result.

This is the annoying behaviour using Roon remote on iPad iOS, but maybe it is the same for other devices:

  • browse album by artist
  • select an album in the middle of your list and play it
  • while playing, press the upper-left arrow back “<” and you correctly view the list in the exact point where you leave it before selecting the album
  • go back to your album by selecting him again or navigate with the upper-left “>” arrow
  • now close the iPad cover or let it go in energy saving mode
  • re-open it , eventually press you access code, and you see the correct album playing
  • but, if you press the upper-left arrow “back” you will not focus to the list position of the album being played in the list, but the list starts again from the beginning (letter “A”).

If you don’t close the iPad cover or go in energy saving standby mode, with the back arrow you go exactly in the last position.
It seems Roon client loose the album list position when the iPad cover closes and when the iPad go in screen energy saving, but Roon client is always running as a task.

Update: this happens also if you don’t play a specific album.

Is there a workaround or some special setting to avoid this ?


Hi @Massimo_Aymar ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, I have passed this thread over to our tech team to see if they are able to reproduce this behavior in house. Once they have completed their testing I will be sure to provide you and update as soon as possible.

Your patience is very appreciated!

Hi Eric,
as a software engineer in my life, it is a pleasure to contribute in Roon project !
I will do my best to be sure that evey issue raised by me will be exactly reproducible for your team.

This has been the behaviour of Roon remote on iOS since as long as I have been using it (2 years+). It is quite frustrating, especially if you’re browsing through many pages of albums. I’ve found that it will occur even without the iPad going to sleep and with Roon in focus and in use.
I believe Brian or Mike has commented on other threads of about this and if I remember correctly it has to do with a trade off between an enourmous amount of tracked interface and playback data and memory management.

Thanks for detailed steps, @Massimo_Aymar, I was able to reproduce and put a ticket for our developers.