iOS Remote App crashes hard

Now and then I have random crashes of the app, not often and usually restarting the app and everything is up and running again, so for me not a real Biggy.

But today I was testing two headphones and therefore very often I was switching between two DSP (convolver) presets.
Two times the app crashed after such a switch between DSP presets so hard, I had to restart the iPad. I cannot remember if this ever happened with any other app before. Ok, This use case scenario does not happen very often, but this should not happen.
So I just wanted you guys from Roon to know.

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Just to be clear for support. The Core was fine, it was only the remote which crashed.

Yes, core, MacMiniM1, was running fine.

@Daiyama, this may not help but some users on iOS have found that app crashes are reduced or eliminated by uninstalling the iOS app and re-downloading and installing it. Your situation could be a unqiue one due to the DSP presets, but it may be worth trying.

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lol what a great solution, instead of fixing your app your recommendation according to some users with the same problem is uninstalling and reinstalling and start over again

Actually deleting and reinstall of Roon Remote app on devices does not require you to start over again.
Reset a couple of minor settings like display theme etc and all set in minutes or less.

ok i get it, great solution

Why the certainty that the Roon app needs “fixing”?

Regardless of the app and who developed it, one of the first troubleshooting steps if an app is unstable and crashes often is to delete it, restart your device, and reinstall the app. Things can go wrong, files get corrupted, etc. A clean re-installation of an app will often resolve things.


you can defend all you want, but like you i use so many ios app, i never have to delete and reinstall any app never, maybe this the standard for roon delete and reinstall on 700 dollar app, you can read here other people with same problem, maybe they should fallow this easy solution every week