iOS remote app. Vertical scroll


My trial ended one year ago, now I’m considering of purchasing one year subscription, but before that I would like to know if you implemented vertical scrolling on iOS remote app.?


Hi @Damir_Grgic,

What kind of iOS remote are you planning to use, an iPhone or iPad?

You can sign up for a new trial if you wish to give the new updates a spin before purchasing the subscription, just let me know and I can flag down our accounts team for you!

I use both iPad and iPhone, but if I remember right, the iPhone version had vertical scrolling, only iPad had left/right.

So my concern is iPad?

Thanks for the new trial, but first I have to reinstall Windows on my machine, than I’ll contact you.

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Hi @Damir_Grgic,

Yes, iPad had left/right while iPhone had vertical. I am not sure which iPad you have, some iPads support portrait mode, the one I have only supports landscape so I can’t comment on how the behavior is like when in portrait mode. Do let me know once you wish to try Roon again and I can reach out to accounts on your behalf.

You and the rest of the team should search all of the posts just so you can see how overwhelming the number of posts are of those who are requesting for Roon to implement portrait mode on ALL iPads - not just the 12" one. This has been going on for YEARS.

It still remains incomprehensible how ROON continues to ignore the overwhelming number of people clamoring for this - and how they are not capable of implementing this feature.


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