iOS Remote keeps crashing

Roon Core Machine

iMAC (2019, i9, 32gb ram) and Mac Mini (M1 2020)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus RT-AX82U, Wi-fi and ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound NODE 2021, iFi Zen Dac v2

Number of Tracks in Library

60,000 tracks on ssd plus Qobuz, Tidal

Description of Issue

I’ve had Roon since august 2020 and while I love the product one thing that never managed to work with me is the iOS remote. It keeps crashing randomly, sometimes I can’t browse for 10 seconds without the app crashing. I’ve had two different computers as core since then (iMac and Mac mini), two different iPhones (11 pro max and 13 pro) and two different routers (Linksys Velop and Asus). Many many Roon updates for the core and the remote since 2020 and that still keeps happening. What’s going on here? Why can’t Roon ever fix this?

I just want to add that my iPhone XR is crashing again, and it had stopped for a good 6 months or so, but this last update it is crashing again. This time it is 10 seconds, like the OP states. Last time up until lat July or so it was 25 seconds. Only a full shut down of the phone and reboot will relieve it for a couple days.

Sorry to hitch a ride on your thread, but it has to be the same issue. What fixed it last time, guys, because it was good for 6 months or so, it seems.

I bring this problem once again. There has been two Roon iOS updates since then and it doesn’t go away! It is really irritating. Can’t use it as remote at all.

I also have an iPad (Pro, 2021) and it works flawlessly there…

Unsurprisingly today’s update still does not fix this issue.

Hi @Bruno_Mello,

I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue with your iPhone. I know it’s frustrating to wait so long and even cycle through a new computer while a problem remains unresolved.

If you don’t mind, please provide a few additional details about your network setup to equip tech support to resolve the issue most efficiently:

Is your current Core (Mac Mini) hardwired to the Asus router, or is it relying on a wireless connection? Do you have any switches, extenders, or access points in your setup?

Do you experience the crash when playing local files, or is it specific to a streaming service (Tidal/Qobuz)?

Lastly, it will illuminate the problem if our team can have a look at your Roon logs around the time of a crash. If you have a minute to replicate the crash, would you please follow the steps below to submit logs from your iPhone for review?

  1. First toggle “Save logs to Files on next startup” from your iOS Settings for the Roon App.
  2. Reproduce the issue and note the time/date.
  3. Access your Files App on the phone and upload the log file using our Log Uploader.

@TuliaNonTroppo, it pains me to hear you’ve been experiencing persistent iOS crashes too, and I know I’m delayed getting to this thread. I saw you noted in a related post that an update to a more recent Build of Roon had resolved the issue. Please let me know if you’re also still experiencing crashes, and I’d be happy to split your post here into a new thread and troubleshoot there too.

Hi Connor. So far so good with my iPhone after last update. I hope others can resolve soon as well.

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Hi Connor! My core is currently an Intel 16" MacBook Pro (2019) - not currently hardwired - it was on the Mac mini. This setup is temporary as I sold my Mac mini and am replacing it with a new Mac Studio (where I plan to install Roon). Anyway, it happens with both local files and streaming. More often that not the iOS app crashes even before I am able to stream anything, just browsing. I am going to upload the log right now.

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Hmmmm today it seems to be working fine. I’ll keep you updated if the issue persists.


Hey @Bruno_Mello,

Copy that, glad to hear it’s running today. I appreciate you taking the time to capture and upload logs.

My team is standing by in case the issue returns, so please do circle back and post if anything comes up.

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