iOS Roon APP disconnects using AImesh routers

Hi @support , I tried Roon the last days but I have a problem. The core is installed on my PC (Windows 10) and using the iPhone iOS App to control it, I have paired a couple of KEF LS50 Wireless speakers, and I’m using 2 Asus routers with AImesh:

One router is connected to the PC on my bedroom, and the other one to the speakers on my living room, both plugged with an ethernet cable to the routers and using the 5GH-2 band (wifi 1000MB), it works with the same SSID for both.

Never had a problem before, but the Roon app disconnects when I go far from the first router, cause the iPhone wifi “jumps” to the other router cause the signal is better on that (I can see the devices connected to each router on the interface). Not a distance problem cause the signal is very, very strong.

Sorry for my bad english, and I hope u can help me to fix that. I’m an old costumer and I really enjoyed my year subscription on the past.



Hello @Alejandro,

Thank you for letting me know your setup details. I have searched other forums and I have found that this is a common issue with Asus AiMesh routers, and it is not necessarily Roon-related.

The following forum has some suggestions for how to configure your routers for better performance when switching between them:

I won’t be able to comment on the specific values or configuration options you will need to use, but these forum posts should give you a good starting point of areas to explore.

Thanks for the links, I’m doing some tests changing the values and options of the router.


Did you have any luck? I have an AI Mesh set up and am having the same problem. I’m going to investigate the links but I wondered if you had found anything specific.

Same problem here… haven’t been able to fix it.

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@Philip_Keefe / @Theodore_Pasquale - Does AiMesh by any chance have a “fast roaming” option? If so, turning that off might help.

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