iPad App didn't find server sometimes

Started server and can remote control it from iPad and use it maybe one or two times an hour, Between I close the app and uses other apps on may iPad. Sometime a few hours later the roon app says it cannot connect to server. Even trying to choose a library is not working.
On the PC (the same PC the server is running) I can start roon remote without a problem and everything works as expected.
After restarting roon server the iPad app finds the server immediatly.

Any idea?

I’m finding the iPad app keeps losing the connection to Roon running on my MacBook since upgrading to 1.2. It happened occasionally before but it’s happening several times an evening now.

Me too using a iPad Pro 9.7"

Hi Guys,

I’m going to shift this into Support for some individual attention by @mike and @vova.

It may be that there are three different things happening here:

Firstly, @AE67 seems to be experiencing a discovery issue where the library isn’t being located after disconnection. Restarting RoonServer results in connection.

@chrisbyrd may have the same issue that Jeff has reported, or may be experiencing the usual type of disconnection arising from iOS battery control. Are you losing connection while using Roon Chris or is it after a period of inactivity or backgrounding the app ?

@Sunrise has posted separately here and is losing connectivity when using Roon.

@andybob I don’t think it’s happened while I’m actually using Roon, but I’ll keep an eye on it. Failure to reconnect usually happens after I’ve been using the iPad for something else and then gone back to the Roon app, or have put the iPad to sleep for a while. Sometimes it does reconnect after a wait, but more often than not I have to kill the app. Usually this fixes it, but if not I have to shut down and restart Roon on my MacBook.

Other issues I have with the app are a) it hanging on the white screen with just the Roon logo pulsing, but no message. In this case I usually have to kill the app. b) it just displaying a white screen when I open it, so that I have to navigate to Albums say to get to my library.

Overall the app is excellent, it’s just that these issues distract from the smooth experience the desktop app gives.

After monitoring the “cannot connect” problem awhile, I can say it happens mostly after not using roon a few hours and have closed all roon remotes.
If iPad can’t connect, starting Roon Remote on my PC (same PC roon server is installed) let the iPad App connect after a few seconds. Restart of core is not necessary, but if I restart it, iPad also can connect again.

So it seems like roon server goes to sleep and didn’t listen anymore to network traffic.
Maybe this information can help to identify the problem.

Some observation I made in the last weeks.
If I let run roon remote on the PC the roon server is installed, the iPad finds the server every time.
If I close the remote on the PC, the iPad App can’t connect after a few hours. Starting roon remote on PC (as well as restart of roon server) and the iPad App finds the server again.

Maybe this helps to narrow down the problem.

Hi @AE67 — Thank you very much for your feedback! just wanted to follow up with you, on your observations and let you know that we’ve made some improvements to the app in recent weeks and when our next update goes live to let us know if you are finding the same issue(s). Once again your input on the product is greatly valued to us, thanks!

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