iPad app in portrait (for all models) [Done in Roon 1.8]

The new iPad application is nice but when I sitting in my listings chair I like to hold the iPad as I hold a book therefor I had preferred to get the iPad app in a portrait view instead of in landscape. I understand that it isn’t so easy to fix because it requires some part of a redesign of the UI, but anyway I hope you will make it.


Hello @Bitperfect, we are aware of this issue and we’re working on it.
This is still in the design phase so no timelines yet, but we’ll post more updates as soon as we can. It’s coming!

Thanks for the request.


Nice to hear. Tank you.

I want this too, i seldom use ipad in landscape mode

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Me Three, landscape is not natural when sitting. THANKS

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Another vote for this. My iPad is often docked while listening, and I like to glance to see what’s playing. Of course it only docks in portrait mode.

First world problem I know.


It seems like only ipad pro gets portrait mode in the new 1.2 release.

I assume you mean the big iPad Pro? As the 9.7 inch is now called a Pro as well.

Oh i may be mistaken then. Perhaps it would have been clearer if the release notes say that the 9.7 inch ipad and above gets portrait mode.

Ipad air doesnt get portrait mode. Sad.

Why not portrait mode for ipad air? Why oh why?

Now that they have the iPhone interface, it could be an option for portrait mode on the bigger tablets. I would be fine with that.

The small iPad Pro doesn’t have portrait mode; it’s only the big one that does. (Or at least my 9.7" iPad Pro doesn’t.)

I would also appriciate a portrait mode for iPads. I use an iPad mini in a docking station. With a portrait mode I could use iroon without undocking.

Please add this to 1.3.

Thanks in advance. :wink:

Any news on when this will come?

+1 for portrait mode.

I believe portrait is the more commonly used mode (at least for me it is), except maybe for video apps.

Portrait Mode for iPad is a must-have. Please consider adding this feature.


And while on the subject:

  1. Loose the horisontal scrolling in Album view! Why, oh why, must Roon be the single advocate for this quirky behaviour! And its not even consistent!
  2. Get the local output on iOS working! ai know it’s nor easily done using your current development env. But it IS a major let down…


Your two points are a little of topic for this subject however, see these existing feature requests.

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Next major UI release is going to primarily vertical scrolled, and portrait or landscape, with full functionality on phones.

I can’t give any schedules or details, but I’m positive all of you will be happy with the result.

This new UI is as far from current Roon as Roon 1.0 was from iTunes!