iPad app in portrait (for all models) [Done in Roon 1.8]

Excellent! Thank you gentlemen!
Full functionality to me includes Bridge-capability on the iProduct also, but that’s asking for too much, right?

iPad - PLEASE - work on allowing the iPad be used in PORTRAIT mode

Yes, portrait mode would be good.

It’s been a year since you posted this…

…and we still haven’t delivered the major UI release.

The majority of the UI re-design project is tied in with “mobile”.

@brian wrote a great post on why some things get released before others (including mobile) here:


Portrait mode on iPad has my vote… Yes please

WHY don’t we have portrait mode on all iPads yet?

C’mon Roon team…it can’t really be that hard to give us that option, can it?

Seconded, why would this not be available?

I’ve got a roon shaped hole in my new kitchen and unless this simple feature can be released it will remain empty :roll_eyes:

Nearly all iPad models lack sufficient horizontal resolution in portrait mode to run Roon. That is why.


That seems like a bit of a cop out to me. What the software developers need to do is think differently about how they present the information in a portrait mode. I’m not looking for the portrait mode to look exactly like the landscape mode. In fact, there’s a lot of information in the landscape mode that I don’t really need to see.

Roon have said they are redoing the entire interface to level up mobile which could be why this area seems to be in abeyance.

I really don’t like having to switch my iPad to horizontal orientation when using Roon so I’d request a portrait format option. I understand horizontal is probably necessary for the iPhone or Android phones but there are millions upon millions of iPads out there with great vertical page-oriented size & resolution capability.

Just to make things clear, ‘Portrait Mode’ (optimized for smaller screens; reduced functionality) is what you usually get on phones.

‘Landscape Mode’ is the same UI as you know from the desktop versions (MacOS, Windows). You don’t want that version on phones because the fonts and buttons are to small.

My request is for a portrait mode - mainly for display on iPads - as an option along with the current landscape mode that Roon employs.

I understand it’s not possible due to the number of pixels, some one may elaborate

The 12.9 Pro does have portrait I believe

There have been multiple requests for this

It might not be easy, but it’s certainly possible. If some pixel problem breaks full screen then write Roon to run in a window sized to fit.

I have to chuckle at myself, however: I have a number of iPads acquired over the years (they never seem to die) in all sizes and the large 12.9 Pro is the only one I commonly use with a keyboard cover in landscape mode!

I bought an iPad (6th gen) solely to use as a roon remote, not knowing I’d be forced to use it in landscape mode.

Roon—PLEASE add portrait mode support for all iPad models! I’m apparently not alone in finding landscape very annoying.

Thank you!


Yes please, we write web sites and iOS apps, it is not rocket science to make an them to work in both portrait and landscape. Indeed I think all my iOS apps do this… except Roon. It is the norm!

It is really annoying not to have portrait on an iPad Pro’s because of the face detection stuff.

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Anyone from Roon care to weigh in on this feature request?

+++1 to all of you ! We need the portrait mode, there is no reason not to have it regarding many others apps and websites in 2019 !