iPad app losing connection when multitasking

Sometimes when listening I like to use my iPad to surf the web or do other things, I’ve noticed if I leave the Roon app for more than a couple minutes, when I go back it always has lost connection to the server and has to reconnect. This becomes a bit annoying when you keep going back and forth between apps. Is this normal?

One of the reasons iOS is so good with battery life is that it aggressively puts apps in the background to sleep – one of the trade offs of that is when you “wake up” Roon, it has to reconnect.

It should only take a second or two – are you seeing otherwise?

It’s just a couple of seconds, no big deal if that is what is supposed to happen. I was more concerned that there was something wrong on my end.

Can you enter the IP address of the Server into the app (like you can with the Sooloos iPad app)?

Precisely, just as feedback, that is also my experience. A second or two is typical and for me not an inconvenience. And my iPad Air 2 has a healthy battery time span.


Wouldn’t it be good if the Roon GUI would show attempts to reconnect AFTER this 1-2 seconds ‘normal’ reconnect only? Some kind of 3 seconds window before the message appears with a real reconnection issue?

As it is now it implies a little bit that there’s something wrong every time it reconnects after the iOS sleep, not so positive for the user experience and confidence that it’s working correctly.

Just a thought…

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Everytime I leave Roon on My IPad Air and then reenter Roon, it takes15 - 30 seconds to get in. IF I leave the IPad with Roon running and IPad goes into screensaver mode, it again takes 15-30 seconds to get back in. Only if I shut down the screensaver I have immediate access to Roon. However that uses à LOT of battery. Any ideas?

H Jonas,
I’ve merged your post into this on … it’s worth a quick scan so you can see other people experiences.
15 seconds is a long time, 2 seconds is more typically, some things to check / try:

WiFi signal strength / quality: how far from your wifi access point is the iPad? Can you try using from a closer position.

iPad loading / conflict with other apps: Can you reboot the iPad to see if that helps.

Roon Server running slow: (I’ve had this) Can you reboot it to see if that helps.

iPad Roon Remote install issue: Can you uninstall the Roon app, reboot the iPad and then reinstall the Roon app.

Try that above and get back to us. Also can you let us know what the device spec is that is running the Roon Core.

Het Carl. Done all the things you’ve suggested. The result is mostly disappointing. A few times I’ve gotten back in in 2-3 seconds. 10 - 15 Times’ it has taken about 20 seconds.

You might try to reset the wifi network settings in the iPad.

The drawbacks are that you’ll have to reenter the network info for each wifi network the iPad uses but it’s a good periodic maintenance item to improve the iPad’s performance. So, even with the drawbacks and even though it may not solve the issue, it’s a good idea to do this.

Good luck.