iPad App Randomly Stops Playing Music

Roon Core Machine

Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 3080, Win11, 16 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Just running on Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

SMSL SU-6 DAC through USB
OnePlus 7 Pro using WiFi
iPad Mini 4 using WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library

2,114 tracks

Description of Issue

Randomly when listening to music on my iPad and starting a new track, no audio will be sent to my iPad, with the music appearing in Roon in a paused state. The only way to fix this is by restarting my Roon server.

How do I fix this? I physically can’t listen to music on my PC because of this issue.

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You said it stops on the ipad, where does the pc fit in?
Just as server?

I think I’m experiencing the same issue. Roon stops playing when I swipe up to switch to another app on my iPad.

PC is my roon core server

In my case, it stops playing even if I have the app open

Hey Appollo,

We will look into your logs and get back.

Hey @GarbageGamer,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Sorry to hear that you’re having problems.
In checking your system diagnostics it appears that you’re running older versions of Roon Remote on your mobile devices. Can you please update the app on those devices and let us know if that helps. We’ll be watching for your reply.

@support Just updated my iPad’s Roon Remote app, issue is still occurring, audio isn’t playing at all unless I restart Roon.

music is unpaused but no audio is going through

I’ve checked to see that volume is on my iPad and that I can play through other apps on my device, Roon is the outlier.

@support Any updates on this case? The issue is still occurring.

Hey @GarbageGamer,

Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems. Is the PC that’s experiencing these playback stoppages your Core PC or a remote? Are you trying to play to the PC remote or your iPad?

I am trying to play to my iPad. My Roon core is the same as my main PC endpoint.

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