iPad lose every one minute connection

Hi there,
Since the last software-update the Roon app lose its connection every minute. Within a second the connection is restored.
I don’t know how to fix this problem.
I have a iPad Air2 with the latest iOS software running.

My iPhone does the same. I think this is by default (I’m a fairly new user here and this is the experience I have always known)

Is it losing the connect when you are actively using it or only when idle and the iPad screen locks down?

Hi Carl,
it is losing the connect when I’m using it actively.

I have also running the Android Roon app on several smartphones.
This app is working without problems.

I have running the Roon app on three Windows 10 desktops.
This app is working without problems.

Only the app on the iPad has connection issues since the latest update.

@Rene_Elsinga just checking what version of the iOS Roon app you have? The latest is 1.3 build 200


Hi Russ,
Roon version 1.3 (build 200) stable (64 Bit).

Can you describe your network, is it simple or little more involved?


Today I receieved a update from Roon.
The core server on my Win10 dedicated Roon computer/server is updated.
On the server build 203 is now running.
The problem on my iPad seems to be resolved now.
The iPad connection with the server is now stable.
Funny to see; every one or two minutes my profile picture blinks on and off.
Today I monitor the connection between the iPad and the core server.

@Rene_Elsinga Good morning, that is excellent news.


:cry: I was to enthusiastic.
The problem is back and is growing
Now at the moment, every 1, 1.5 or 2 minutes the connection between the iPad and the core server is lost for a short time and reconnect.
But the reconnecting time is now slower as by build 200.
Now the profile image disappears one second, the connection get lost, after 1.5 secondes the connection is back. So the entire reconnection cycle is now almost two seconds. The reconnection time by build 200 was 0.5 second.
This is gonna frustrating.
I’m waiting now for the Apple update, maybe this give the solution.

@Rene_Elsinga is you core analysing, check in settings, library? If it is try turning off background analysis, my user picture was lost a few times during this process, also check how much memory you have allocated to images, if it is the maximum 512 try reducing it let us know the outcome.


Hi Russ,

The core is not analyzing.
For the images is 64 MB allocated.

When update 1.3 came the core analyse on fast speed with two cores without any problem. Normaly I have for the images 512 MB allocated, this was not a problem. Since two weeks are 64 MB allocated.

It’s only the iOS Roon app what gives problems since update 1.3 came.
All my other systems working good, fast with no problems.
My Roon core server is almost sleeping, the processor use is less than 15 percent. The system memory is 8GB where 5 GB is free.

Have you rebooted your wireless router and reset your ipad network settings to see if it helps? Apple iDevices have notoriosly finnicky and picky networking.

Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings

Hi Jeff,
Yesterday and today ik have several times reboot my iPad.
I delete the WiFi netwerk (Forget) and log on with giving the WiFi password.
Al my routers, accesspoint reboot every day, when ik go to bed all the systems are switched off.

I have now reset the networksettings, the iPad reboot and login the WiFi network by given the accesscode.

Ik start the Roonapp, within 1 minute the connection is lost and the app crash.
Restart the app; the situation is not changed.

I have the same problem recently. Very pronounced yesterday. On my iPad Pro using the latest iOS version. Very annoying.

Another thing to try:

  1. If you backup to iCloud, turn off backups for Roon.

Settings->iCloud->Storage->Manage Storage

Select the particular backup set for you iPad and turn off the backup for Roon.

  1. Uninstall the Roon app.
  2. Reinstall the Roon app.

This will guarantee that Roon gets installed with a fresh set of parameters just in case something is corrupted in your config and then pushed out to the backup.

Hi Jeff,

I don’t use the iCloud.

I have uninstall the Roon app several times the last days.
When the app is uninstalled, I reboot the iPad before the new install.
The last uninstall was this morning.

This evening I have the possibility to use an second iPad.
This is the iPad Air1
Tonight I must install the Roonapp on this iPad.

To be continued…

I’m still waiting for the iPad build 203 in the AppStore.
I don’t understand why this takes so long…

If you use iCloud backup removing and reinstalling just restores the same possibly corrupt configuration. You need to turn off iCloud backup of Roon if you really want to start fresh when uninstalling and reinstalling.

Apple certification is why it takes apps longer to reach your iDevice. This is out of Roon’s hands.

I understand the point.
I don’t use ICloud backup.
I don’t use iCloud.

Oké, I’m waiting patient for the update :wink: