iPad Mini 6 - dynamic range cut off in portrait mode [TICKET-IN]

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

ETHERNET - Sotm sms-200ultra

Connected Audio Devices

Chord M scaler via usb to Chord Dave via dual bnc

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

On the latest build 988 (but was present already for many builds before), there is an issue with displaying the dynamic range in ‘Versions view’ in portrait mode on iPad Mini 6 as shown below.

Could you please arrange it a bit differently, so it fits properly? For example just put ‘DR’ or nothing and just the dynamic range symbol and the value if it’s too constrained.

In landscape mode it shows fine. Also on bigger iPads it works fine as well in portrait mode.


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Confirmed for iPad mini 5gen too :slight_smile:

Do you choose versions based on dynamic range?

Hey @StefanK,

Thank you for your report, we appreciate the heads up! Could you please grab a screen-recording of what you’re seeing on the iPad mini in both portrait mode and landscape so I can pass it along to QA? Thanks!

Hi @jamie ,
Here is a video capture from iPad mini 6 starting in portrait mode (DR can not be seen) and after rotating the iPad mini 6 to landscape mode (DR is visible)

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Thank you @StefanK, I’ll pass the screen recording along. BTW, nice selections there! ELVIS IS BACK! is a great album, as is the Natty Dread BMW album. :fist:t2:

UPDATE: Ticket submitted.


I’m seeing the same issue on my 7th gen iPad (10.2” screen)

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Thank you for the additional details @Saturn94. I’m passing them along to QA.

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