iPad not syncing with Roon on tablet. Playing two different tracks at the same time [Solved]

This just started after I installed the new build last night.

Roon on the iPad is showing a different screen than Roon on the Latitude tablet. Started one song via the tablet then when using the iPad trying to get it to sync I hit play and it played a different track.

Is there a way to clear it. Closed Roon on IPad and then opened it but same problem. Rebooted the Tablet and same issue.

Is it showing you the queue in a different zone?

Not sure because I was not looking at the queue. I can try it later.

What I mean is, the “now playing” area at the bottom will show what is be played in the selected audio output. It would fit your description for you to simply have a different audio output selected.

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And both devices have their own browsing history and screen. If you play an album on the tablet it will not update the browsing screen on the ipad, only the ‘now playing’ bar at the bottom (for the zone that is shown on the right side of it).

The “sound output” was not the same on both devices. Now it is working. What is strange is that I shut off the IPad and it was still playing music selected on the IPad for about two minutes.

But Roon doesn’t see the iPad as an audio end point AFAIK.

Whatever you were hearing wasn’t coming from Roon I would suspect.