iPad Pro 12.9 Upside-Down Portrait Mode [done]


Portrait mode only works when the iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) is held with the USB-C port at the BOTTOM (“south” position), not when rotated 180 degrees where the USB-C port is at the TOP (“north” position). I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but my audio setup works much better with the iPad secured in portrait orientation with the port at the TOP. Can you please make portrait mode work in both orientations?

Thanks so much for such an amazing product!


Hi @Edward_Gerber,

Thanks for your feedback!

I have moved your post over to our feature request section, our product team and developers keep a close eye on this category, so it’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

– Noris


Thanks for your response. I expected that “portrait mode is fixed” meant that portrait mode would work in boh orientaions, just as landscape mode does. Frankly, I have never seen an iOS app that only operates in one orientation in portrait mode — typically an app either works in portrait mode in both orientations, or it doesn’t operate in portrait mode at all. Is there a reason that the Roon developers intentionally limited portrait mode to just a single orientation? Again, as I said before, I don’t mean to appear petty or ungrateful.

  • Edward

I think this would be nice too and I imagine wouldn’t be that difficult.

Hello @Edward_Gerber/@Paul_Whittaker,

Thank you for your interest in regards to this feature. A ticket has been submitted for consideration to the dev team for this behavior.

I cannot make any promises on when this ticket will reach their queue but your request has been noted and one of our staff members will follow up on this thread once the feature has been acknowledged and approved by the dev team.


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Having just got a 12.9 lightning connector iPad Pro on loan I can now appreciate how annoying this is when using while charging or in a stand vertically.

There are however some right angle Lighting / USB C cables that might take away some of the pain in the mean time.

Haha I got mine the other day, it is a little confusing as you cant tell which way up it is.

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If this option was fixed in 1.7 (I don’t know if it was) it doesn’t work in 1.8.

I find a lot of times I end up holding the iPad upside down to keep the charger cord out of the way, and roon doesn’t seem to want me to hold the iPad this way. When I do roon looks like this…

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Really frustrating

+1 for this. I have an 11" iPad Pro and sometimes direct run it from USB into a dac and it would be nice to be able to flip the iPad upside down so the wire is less of an issue.

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My iPad Pro 12.9 displays correctly in all four positions. Hopefully yours soon will do the same.

@support maybe we can this put in the pipe for a fix?

just shy of 1000 days and nothing. :roll_eyes:


I need this implementation in my life :upside_down_face:

Resting the iPad on my non existent six pack with the cable plugged in is annoying.

Only two votes and one is mine. You lot need to vote :slight_smile:

Bringing to top. Still not sorted

I found a solution for when I charge the Ipad, I hope you are happy with it those from the dev team

Is that Roon?

No, it’s not Roon. Rather than looking at the flipped screen while charging the Ipad I prefer to use another app. I’m not an A. fan but I have no other choice because this is not a priority for the dev team …

its done!