iPad Pro (as endpoint) intermittently not "enabling" as Audio Zone

I run Roon Server from an old MacBook Pro/External HD combo to an iPad Pro running the Roon app. Works great/sounds great – when it works… but intermittently, when choosing the iPad Pro as the Audio Zone, it will either get stuck on “Enabling…” or take a bit of futzing to get it to finally “Enable” and read as the endpoint.

Yes, I’ve cycled all connect components multiple times and sometimes this has helped … but not in any consistent way.

Also, in app volume control doesn’t seem to function as it does with other endpoints. Is there a known workaround?

Wondering if anyone out there is running into similar issues or if there’s a known fix.


'11 MacBook Pro w/ upgraded RAM, SSD + External HD via USB [Roon Server] >> WIFI >> '17 iPad Pro [Roon iOS app] >> Audioquest Forest (Lightning to USB via Peachtree DyNEC interface) >> Peachtree Nova 150 >> B&W CDM1 SE

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Yes, I have seen the exact same behaviour and this was already in 1.5. I haven’t used 1.6 much yet, just updated a few hours ago.

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Same here. It was present in 1.5 and it has not changed in 1.6. The cure is to kill Roon and start up again, but obviously not ideal.

Same here, iPad is randomly stuck on “enabling”

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Mine has done this for about a year. I don’t restart roon, I simply click cancel botton on the enabling spinner for the ipad then restart enabling on the ipad. That seems to fix it 99% of the time. very annoying but manageable. helps keep me exercised.

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Are there any other tests or workarounds for this? I’m seeing it with two iPad Pros. They had been working fine for a week or so. I can play music from iTunes through an external bt speaker, so I know iPad audio is working.