iPad Remote Can't Connect

I just purchased a second license of Roon to use at work with an (almost) identical setup to my home library. I’m running OSX 10.11.5, Roon Server 1.2 (build 147) and have Roon app installed on my iMac (the host machine) as well as my MBP.

I can use the OSX apps to remotely control Roon Server on both machines, but my iPad is not able to connect, even when I manually enter the IP address. Everything is on the same network, but this is a work network so I have no control over the network settings. I can say with certainty that the OSX firewall isn’t turned on and it’s odd to me that I can connect from another wireless OSX install, but not from iPad.

In my home (main) library, I haven’t had issues with my iPad or iPhone app. They work great and connect without issue, as does my work MBP when I use it as a remote at home. Any ideas on what might be going on here?

Hi Matt,

One thing to try is to quit the iPad app when trying to connect at the other location.

Double click the home button (bottom of the iPad) and then swipe away the app. Now restart it and see if connects.

That’s the easy first thing to try.

Cheers, Greg

I certainly tried that. I test iOS apps for a living. I closed the app, restarted my device, left the wifi network and rejoined. None of that worked. The only thing I haven’t done is delete the app and install it from scratch.

Ok, let’s flag @eric to see if he can help.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks @Greg! Just another tidbit of info for @Eric : same issue exists with my iPhone. I deleted both apps and downloaded again, and get stuck at the Choose your Library screen where it says “Looking for remote libraries…”. All 145K songs in my library have now been imported and identified now and that hasn’t changed the iOS apps’ inability to connect.

I’m leaning toward some network limitation, but it’s baffling to me why it works wirelessly with my MBP as a remote and not the iOS devices. They should be connecting over the same port.

UPDATE: I used my iPhone to create a hotspot and joined from my work computer. All works well in this configuration. No idea why OSX can connect locally to the Roon server but iOS can’t. Guess it’s something out of my hands altogether.

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Can you confirm the iOS devices and the OS X devices are on the same subnet? It’s not unusual for corporate networks to seperate devices depending on who owns them and what rights they may have.

It is highly likely that the wifi network and the wired in your office are different subnets…just check the IP addresses, as they would probably be different. Failing that check with the network administrator what the issues could be.