iPad TIDAL login error

here the same problem after the latest Roon update. Login to Tidal fails with the MissingMethod error and only from an iPad. Roon cores are Grimm MU1 and Taiko SGM Extreme. Qobuz works fine BTW. Restarts of the iPad and servers did not make a change. Please advice.

Hey Roonies, are you working on a solution? That would be much appreciated.

Hi @Henk_Marja,

Can you confirm which version of Roon your iPad is running? If you use a different remote that is on the latest version of Roon does the same issue occur?

Roon 1.7 build 511 into core 1.7 build 528

Hi @Henk_Marja

I would suggest that you update your iPad app to the current version as it is not up-to-date with your Roon Core.

Hi @Henk_Marja,

As Mark mentioned, it looks like your iPad isn’t on the latest version which is likely why you’re seeing this issue. Can you try giving the iPad an update and let us know if that helps? Alternatively you can try using a different remote that is on Build 528.

the iPad is on iOS 12.4.5 which is up to date according to the iPad…

updated th client on iPad to 1.7 build 528 so it matches the core. After rebooting the core machine things are back to normal. Thanks for the advice!

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