iPhone 11 (non-Pro) - Roon app iOS update: fonts too big / display not right

Does anyone use iPhone 11? For me, it seems the new iOS update (build 433) just went to another extreme in resolving the “tiny display” problem: now it is HUGE, even bigger than what it looks like on my old iPhone X.

No, that looks right compared to my iPhone 6S Plus

Are you using iPhone 11 with latest Roon app? Font size looks normal compared to your 6S plus? Any particular setups?

The issue your facing is about different screen resolutions and pixel densities.

iPhone 11
1792‑by‑828‑pixel resolution at 326 ppi

iPhone X
2436‑by‑1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi

Not only has the X a higher overall resolution, it also has a higher density in pixels per inch. No wonder Roon looks larger on the display if no other scaling tweaks are made. Maybe they should be…

Rendering on my 11 Pro is good now btw.

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Looks fine on my iPhone 11pro

This thread is about the non-Pro iPhone 11.

Here are some iPhone screenshots as requested - iPhone 11 (not the iPhone 11 Pro):

Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve passed this feedback along to the team and they’re looking into this.

Yes you are correct. It’s so-called “Liquid Retina Display vs Super Retina Display”.

The iOS update (build 433) turns out to be disappointing - the team rushed to resolve the “tiny display” problem of iPhone 11 pro, yet forgot to pay close attention to the technical details of every model of this batch of new iPhones. They used to do better.

There used to be fewer models.

Actually iPhone 11 has identical display specs with iPhone XR, but so far haven’t heard any display rendering problems for iPhone XR. Is it kind of backsliding?

It was a typo :sob:

A build with the fix has already been submitted to Apple. Now we wait…

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@Lambert_Kou @Chris_Newman and others – the update finally got approved by Apple, and I have released Build 439.

It can take a few hours to propagate into the App Store, but it should be live soon.

Apologies for the delay here – this was our mistake, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

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Great - thank you!

To put all this in context, I have software from significantly larger developers who routinely fail to keep their software compatible with OS releases and take weeks or longer to correct them, so thanks for listening to our concerns and addressing this so promptly.

A BIG fan of Roon, and keep up the excellent work!


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