iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and SE scaling issues

I’m having the same problem with my iPhone 7+ (256GB version in case that matters) and iOS 10.0.2. Note that 10.0.2 works fine on my old iPhone 6, but on the iPhone 7 the fonts are unreadably small - as indicated in some of the pictures above. Thanks for anything you can do to remedy this quickly as it’s unusable at this point but critical for my use of Roon. Thanks!

I just submitted to the App Store. Help is on the way, as soon as Apple approves the update :grinning:

Thanks for your patience everyone!

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Great! I hope Apple clears it soon! Thanks!

Should be live now, guys. Going to close this thread, but let us know if there are any more issues guys.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Edit: we have reports that there are still issues on the iPhone 7 Plus, so I am reopening this thread while we investigate, guys.


see attached screenshot from my phone:

I also continue to have the same problem. @mike, does this look different on your own iPhone7/iOS10.0.2?

We see the issue, and it’s a minor one (although it is very annoying :weary:)…

We are resubmitting now. Thanks for the report guys.

I have a 7plus with 10.0.2. I installed the new update that came out today. No difference from the previous in terms of scaling/font size.

My SE is now fine, many thanks.

It turns out there were two models of the 7/7+ – in different markets… we fixed it for 1 set, not the other. This second submission fixes both sets.

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Which market was fixed? I’m intrigued as to this 2 model model. Is there possibly more than 2 models for other markets?


we got the 9,4 and the 9,3, but missed the 9,2 and 9,1

my guess is that they different modems or something.

Looks great on 7plus/10.0.2/Verizon

Thank you!

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Thanks @miguelito!

Build 162 is up guys. Things should look better on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so thanks for everyone’s patience!

Thanks very much - works for me now.

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unfortch, i’m having this same issue on my new iPhone 8+.

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