iPhone and APTX-HD finally works with extra peripherals

I finally got APTX-HD streaming from Roon to my APTX-HD compatible headset on iPhone!
With BT-W3 from Creative Labs (make sure is this model, Creative Labs has an older device BT-W2 which does NOT have APTX-HD) https://us.creative.com/p/speakers/creative-bt-w3I and the USB to lightning adapter. https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD821AM/A/lightning-to-usb-camera-adapter
No “Not enough Power” that kind of warning from the phone when connected. Also has an LED (Yellow means APTX-HD Codec is used) to show what codec is using.
See signal path screenshot below

Just to note, same device on my Win10 Laptop is only 16-bit instead of 24-bit on iPhone.


Didn’t think iOS supported APTX at all.

Yes, iOS device does not have APTX-HD codec natively. That’s why you need those extra devices, a USB Dongle (BT-W3) and a Lightning to USB adapter.
It is a workaround, not “out of the box solution” for iPhone
Let me update the title to less the confusion.
It is more like connecting to an external DAC with APTX-HD output.
Similar to people getting Audioquest’s Dragonfly DAC and use that on the iPhone for their high-end headphones.


k makes sense

How’s the quality? Numerous reports on amazon reviews for this thing, that the quality itself isn’t that great, even though it’s aptX HD compatible.

If you read the review on Amazon, most of the 1-star reviews were about on the older model BT-W2 which does not have APTX-HD.
I compared the quality from my iPhone+BT-W2 vs FiiO-M11, both on Nuraloop, and I can’t tell the difference.
I tried on WI-1000X and also, I can’t tell the difference neither, both iPhone+BT-W2 or FiiO-M11 with APTX-HD sounds great to me on the same track.

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Ok, got it.
What about exclusive mode? I’ve noticed you’ve settted it up, so hypothetically I can plug it in the computer and give roon all abilities to control it from the roon app, right?

Yep, the app will control the volume.

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I have done this with iphone and BTW3 but the diff color LEDs don’t show what codec is active?

@Roman_Benvenuti, I am not quite sure what you’re asking…
This is from their website and you can tell from the color of the LED what codec it is running. (same information can be found on the product insert which comes with the product)
Sometime it will default back to SBC or aptx, you can press the button once to change to back to aptx-HD (yellow LED)

Its strange, Even though I’m connected to my sennheiser true wireless momentum 2 earbuds, the BTw3 still flashes blue, the LED doesnt change color

@Roman_Benvenuti , try pressing the button and see if it will change from blue to green.
According to Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2
Your earbuds can do SBC, AAC, and APTX, but not APTX-HD or APTX-LL

I tried this option as well.
It does work, but the sound is very low, even on a maximum volume level.
Seems to be needs more power or maybe chip itself is limited.
Ended up returning back.