iPhone and iPad: refresh in white after reactivating the device [Resolved - Build 783]

Hard and Software
Core: Windows Server 2016 / ROON 1.8 Build 756
Client: iPad and iPhone / iOS 14.4 / ROON 1.8 Build 756

Steps to reproduce the problem
ROON is in dark mode
ROON is running and playing music
ROON is the active foreground App
Wait until iOS turns off the screen (I assume this option is activated)
When you use the iPad or iPhone again, ROON clears the entire screen in white

This behavior is very uncomfortable in a darkened room (it hurts my eyes, like a flash of light from close range).

Expected behavior
The screen should not be erased at all
If this cannot be avoided, then black should be chosen as the color

Hi, @Martin_Schneider , thank you for the report, I put a ticket in about this issue –

“When you use the iPad or iPhone again, ROON clears the entire screen in white”



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@ivan the problem is still around after the iOS update of the App today.

Same problem here
After a while and due to Roon not being able to handle iOS memory management the screen flashes white when one comes back to Roon

This is affecting every iOS user, am I right?
Is there any iOS user not having this flash white screen?

It will be only/most notable for users of the dark scheme. A white flash on a white background is not that disturbing, but I guess effectively its the same problem for very many if not all

Same here in dark scheme

iPad Pro 12.9" (iOS 14.4/Roon 1.8 Build 764)

When running in dark mode, the Roon app on my iPad momentarily flashes a white screen when opened. This happens around 75% of the time, regardless of whether music is playing or not. It appears this happens when the app reconnects to the core. The core is running on a NUC connected to the network via ethernet, the controller app on the iPad is connected via wifi. The wifi connection is very good, over 400kbps with very few dropouts.

Is there any way to have the screen be black during this brief pause? It’s quite a visual shock.


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Bump for support.

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I also have white flash in dark mode when activating the app
Looks like a tiny bug

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Guys, sometimes search helps. This has been recognized as an issue and is a PITA to anyone using darkmode on iOS.


Hey @acbarn and @Ronny,

Thanks for bringing this up - I’m sorry you’re impacted by it.

@bbrip, I’m grateful that you’ve stepped in to point us in the right direction :pray:


i am having the same problem with white screen on ipad 12.9 pro but takes an age to refresh, it’s proving quicker to close & reopen the app to restore normal operations.

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Is this being actively worked on? I am a new user to Roon but paid my subscription just a month before this new release. This issue with dark theme is very annoying.


SOLVED - no more white flash in dark mode with version 1.8 Build 778
Thank you - roon team :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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From about 10 times - 9x no white flash
One time still white flash

Currently i cannot reproduce it
If i can reproduce it, i will drop a message

Run roon in dark mode
Closing ipad (lock) — waiting 5 seconds
Unlock ipad
Open roon
–WHITE FLASH–is still existing

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Oh no i am un holidays and just heard about the new update. Hoped this will resolve the white flash on iOS

Unfortunately, thus bug has NOT been resolved in 778. Still getting white flashes on dark theme in the latest iOS update just downloaded.

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Yep, this is the first bug I went searching for in the release notes.

The white screen flash is annoying but would be bearable if it wasn’t often (~7 out of 10 times) coupled with not being able to find / connect to the server. I have to force quit the app to get it to see the server.

Hello All,

Thank you for the reports. We have a ticket in regarding this behavior and it is in the queue. As per policy, we can’t specify timelines of when tickets will make it in a release, but we are aware and have a ticket in the queue regarding this issue, thanks in advance for your patience!