iPhone app flashes white screen every reconnect .. un-dark themeish

**Mac Pro Win 10 Latest Roon core release.

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Description Of Issue

I recently decided to give ROON another go. So far can’t get Roon to recognise Ares DAC driver period … see others had the same issue. And the iPhone app crashes periodically. I mean 4 time a day . Also when it reconnects you get blasted with bright white screen while it initialise’s which sucks in a dark room. I recommend this should be changed it’s defying the dark them and generally annoying seeing as it happens every time you iPhone has to reconnect to the core. Generally I have found 1.8 to be glitching and can’t say I’m impressed enough to fork out for an annual subscription… which sucks as ROON does a lot of good things but if it can’t maintain the basic functionality then why bother rant over …

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Hey @Raymond_Beck,

Thanks for giving Roon another try - we would have loved for things to go differently. I’m sorry that, as you’ve returned, you’ve ran into these technical issues.

The flash you’re mentioning, is actually something our team is working on and hoping to have a solution for soon:

Please, let me know if you’d be up for taking Roon for another try. We’d love to restart your trial :smiley:

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