iPhone app is live and looks great

Rarely, Steve, rarely… :wink:

The more I use the iPhone app, the more I value and use Discover and Recent – far more than on tablet or desktop remotes.

With Artists and Albums, the limitations of the small screen lead to endless scrolling. I find myself using Discover, Recent and Internet Radio more often on iPhone, quite happily. I’ve well eh… (re)discovered more of my library on my iPhone than on my iPad. But, of course, that could just be me.

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thanks guys!!

Super excited about this. For me, there were a few quirky things with getting native DSD working again, but I fumbled my way through it. As found in another post, had to select an alternate playback than Native, then go back to Native. Working now!

I’m finally ready to upgrade to Lifetime. Goodbye JRMC!!

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Will give them a try. Actually a ‘Recent’ menu on the iPad would be nice. I often go to history or albums>sort most played/date added which tends to be current favourites (I’m lazy and take a while to add recent favourites any other way). I could see myself starting there instead.

I haven’t used the radio feature for a while but since it turned itself on after the update I’m liking its choices too much to muck around with my iPhone remote. The irony. :slight_smile:

Where is the TIDAL section on the iPhone remote?

Yeah, in some ways the phone apps are a preview of changes we’re considering for desktop.

For now, Recent is phone-only, but we’re watching feedback closely, and I’ll mention that there is a View All link above the Recent section of Overview, in case you missed it. Not exactly the same, but similar.

We haven’t included the TIDAL section on phone yet, although you can search TIDAL and access your playlists.

Adding TIDAL to the phone app in a future release is definitely something we’re considering, so be sure to post in Feature Requests so we can gauge interest.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Hm - I’m kind of confused - why would you not have everything on the phone remote app you have on the iPad / desktop version? I certainly would expect to be able to browse and trigger playback of TIDAL content from my phone - seems arbitrary to take this one thing and remove it from the iPhone remote :confused:

We’ll we didn’t remove anything – we just didn’t build it (yet) :wink:

There are a few things that didn’t quite make it into the first phone release, mostly due to time constraints. We could’ve waited another month, but we decided to release with the core feature set and see what kind of feedback we get. Keep it coming!

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This app is tremendous. Much more than I had hoped for. Well done. You may have gotten Roon anotther lifetime subscriber with this.

I expected just a basic remote and feel like I have full-fledged Roon. I especially like the app opening in discover mode and not recent. My feedback for the future is to keep it simple, don’t put too much in it. We need something very user friendly, intuitive and fast. I am willing to sacrifice features and content for functionality inn an iphone remote.

Screen shots look great - duly downloaded, now cannot wait to get home to try it!

Fantastic app. One crucial thing that is missing is under ‘albums’ - here it would be great to be able to pick one’s favourite (heart) collection. If one has 7000 albums in the library like me (thanks to tidal) - then the album category is a bit unhandy on the iPhone, but if I could narrow the selection down to my favourites it would be perfect.

Guys, thank you thank you. This is all I ever wanted. Offcial no parallel on planet earth.

i wonder why the app is not compatible with the iphone 5?
just to pilote a remote application ???

This was not an easy decision, but ultimately we couldn’t justify the significant amount of work needed to make Roon work on 32 bit iOS devices.

More detail about this decision here.

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Finally. Great work.

Superb, any thoughts about integrating Qobuz for us in Euroland?

I’m very pleased with this initial release. It’s pretty much all there from my perspective, but I’m sure others will nit pick it. I can stop carrying my Mini 4 everywhere I go around the house!

thinks it’s time to move to iphone SE …

Loving the iPhone Ap having had a couple days with it.

I was expecting something much more basic - which I would have been fine with - but this really exceeds expectations!

Feel guilty giving any feedback really, but some notes in case they’re useful:
-would be great to keep phone status bar.
-iPhone 5s the fonts really are a touch small in many places - like track lists, now playing track/album details. I’d be much happier (and it would be much less squinty to use) if they were a bit bigger. I’d prefer truncation over needing a magnifying glass. :wink: On the 6 it’s great, but that is quite a chunky screen (and it’s my wife’s not mine)
-love some of the new design layouts now I’ve had a play. In particular I really like the ‘now playing’, ‘queue’, ‘history’ etc appearing as tabs. Would happily have a version of that on the iPad.
-‘Recent’ menu. I’ve really got into it! I like it! I wish it included ‘recently played’ as well as recently added as that would cover a lot of what I’m going to go for from the iPhone.
-Favourites - please add this button. Very useful.
-I’d prefer removal of the ‘more’ expander in the menu. It’s an extra press for nothing. Unused menu items are better than hidden ones.
-streaming services access for discovery would be nice, but not a problem.

All in all I think it’s fantastic. For a version 1, utterly amazing!

I’ll finish on one tiny note about the 32bit aspect. I really feel for people with older phones who are locked out. My older iPads still harbour a grudge. So many people had requested something so simple for an iphone remote they’d be happy with, I wonder if you might consider a super simple version for older 32bit devices. I mean as basic as a splash screen with pause, play, track skip, now playing, and volume. Something like that just to let people use their devices in a very limited capacity that might be easy for you to do. Just so as not to lock so many people out of this fantastic convenience. I’ve been lucky here as our phones are 64bit but, we’re a community after all. Just a thought.

Thank you, and congrats again.

Big thumbs up from me.
No, it’s not as user friendly as the full remote, but bearing in mind the screen available, its ace.

Massive THANKS!

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