iPhone app looses connection to library

Hi @Joost and @dpstjp — Just wanted to follow up concerning the connectivity issue(s) you are encountering while using your apple products. I need some more information to try and narrow down what could be causing the problem. Please see below, I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

  1. When you’re having trouble connecting what exactly are you seeing on screen? Does it connect eventually?
  2. When you’re in this state, are you seeing anything on the Choose Your Library screen?

Hi Eric,

  1. I see a blank, white screen with the message: “Lost Connection! Trying to reconnect”. It then doesn’t connect anymore.
  2. I see a blue button saying “Select a different library”. When I push this button it starts looking for remote libraries, but cannot find any.

I have this problem with my iPhone quite often and with my iPad once or twice. Both are the latest models and have the latest iOS update.

Hope this helps?


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Every time I reopen the already open Roon app I get an initial screen saying “Lost connection” which lasts for one or two seconds. After this Roon loads without any issue.

I’d assumed it was normal behaviour.

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@dpstjp — Thank you for the input, it is greatly appreciated! Although iOS is pretty aggressive about putting Roon to sleep when it’s in the background, we’re looking into how to make this smoother in the future.

@Joost — Thank you for the follow up information! Can you please tell us more about your system and network as described here? Also, just to verify, are you certain that your iPad is connected to WiFi when this issue is occurring?

Hi Eric,

To start with your last question, yes my iPhone (and iPad) is (are) connected to WiFi when the issue is occurring.

My setup is as follows:

• I am using the latest version of Roon Server as dowloaded from your website (can’t find the version) in a Mac Mini.
• I am using OSX version 10.11.5 on my Mac Mini model mid 2011 with 8 GB Ram (exclusively used as server)
• I am using iOS version 9.3.2 on both my iPhone 6S and iPad Air 2
• My music is stored on a WD MyCloud NAS 2TB memory with the lastest firmware version.
• The NAS is connected to the Mac Mini with ethernet cable via a switch.
• The Mac Mini is connected to my network router with ethernet cable via a switch.
• I am using a D-Link DGS-105 switch.
• WiFi is switched off on the Mac Mini.
• I have Netgear AC1750 router with the latest firmware version.
• Everything is wired, apart from my iPhone, iPad and my HP Pavillion laptop with Windows 7 and Roon Window 64 bit (verson 1.2, build 142 stable).

Hope this is enought info?

Best regards,


Adding more (of the same?)…

Whenever my iPhone 6 or iPad Pro comes out of sleep mode I get the “Lost connection” message. So far the same as everyone else in this thread. What is annoying is that it can take up to ca 30 sec to reconnect, or sometimes does not reconnect at all.

Other observations:

  • If I stop the app and re-launch that sometimes leads to quicker reconnection.

  • When re-connect finally happens then the music sometimes pauses for a second or so, or sometimes stops altogether

  • Not sure about this but, when the sleep mode has not been active for very long then the re-connect seems to happen faster

  • I don’t believe this is a problem with my WiFi as all oher apps work fine. This never happened when I was using iPeng to control my Squeezeboxes/LMS using the same iPhone/iPad.

I hope this issue can be recreated and fixed in a future release. It’s especially annoying when someone demands that I skip to the next song immediately!!! (Usually happens when Frank Zappa has the honour…) and then having to wait far too long to be able to jump to something less offensive/interesting. More often than not the impatient Zappa hater has already walked over to the system and switched to some lame radio station.

Otherwise, great piece of software!


I have the same problem with my iPad Air and Roon Remote. I get “Lost Connection” messages frequently. They’re sometimes a few seconds apart, sometimes a minute or two apart. This behavior happens with both Tidal and NAS file playback. The iPad is connected to my wifi network. I just loaded Roon Remote a few days ago.

The behavior occurs both when I’m scrolling through my library or just listening without any input on the iPad. The files continue to play. It’s sufficiently disruptive that I’m no longer using the iPad with Roon. In my experience it just doesn’t work properly.

I’m having similar problems on an iPhone 5S, updated to the current iOS. When I open the app, the “Cannot connect to library” splash screen displayed. After about 10 seconds it is usually able to reconnect. However the app also crashes frequently. I’m on a free trial, and not feeling great about investing $ in a year or lifetime subscription when the iOS app that is central to using the software is so flaky.

There’s a new version 147 from the App Store out today. Have you installed it yet?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

Problem remains after installation of latest build.


I have this problem, but the reconnection can take much longer; eg 5mins…10mins, 15 mins… maybe more sometimes (I haven’t timed it, but it can take ages)! The first connect seems fine.

I see all of the fingers are pointing at ios as causing this behaviour inherently, but let me point out that the iPeng app I have been using to control my squeezebox server for many years does not suffer from this problem, so it seems to me it’s an app implementation issue.

I also note that if I fire up roon on my iMac and use it as a remote control to my roon server (running on Windows or Linux), it responds immediately.

Update: the problem appears to be specific to Windows: if I run roonserver under Linux, the roon app seems to work fine, with only a small delay to reconnect. (It still seems odd that there is no delay when using my iMac as a remote control!).

I’m having the same problem now. Roon Core is on a streamer, Salkstreamer III running Linux. The error shows up on all 3 of my Roon controllers; iPad mini 2, iPhone 6s, and desktop computer running Windows 10.

It seems to have started since the last update, 1.2 build 165.

It will usually start working again on its own if I wait awhile (20 minutes maybe?).

I started I new thread if anyone is interested

I’ve noticed this same issue before, on an iPhone 6S, but the problem seems to have stopped occurring after restoring my phone to factory settings and starting over (I did not do a restore). This could be anecdotal, but it makes me wonder if the phones are the culprit, versus anything on the Roon end.

I’m a pretty new user (10 days) and I’m using an iPhone6 and I see this issue daily. The good news is it connects within 1-2 seconds so its annoying but not a showstopper for me. I’d be very interested in having this issue resolved. If the dev/support team needs more info about my setup I’d be happy to provide it. For the most part I’m not doing anything unusual.


Mine does this as well, is it really that much of a problem to waste a whole 1 to 2 seconds?

For me 1 to 2 seconds is fine however there has been the occasional 5 seconds of “Waiting for Remote Core” which can ruin the mood. As long has people are aware of it I’m sure it’ll be prioritized appropriately.

I don’t believe it’s something that’s Roon can actually fix. I believe it’s a limitation with iOS, and the ability for apps to continue running in the background. @support can probably confirm that.

I’ve had this issue since I started using Roon about a year ago, on an iphone 6 and using a windows 2012r2 server.

If I go back to Roon within a few seconds or so, it shows the Roon icon briefly before loading; if I leave the Roon app for longer, it displays the lost connection screen and this usually takes about 5-10 seconds. Very annoying. This is the main reason I use Android, but I’d prefer to use ios.

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I am having issues with the android client on a Samsng S9. When attempting to connect it will not discover the server. If I select the option to find another core it will dispay that the core as initialising. This issue does not happen with two windows clients and another android client running on an S4. It is not a coverage issue because it occurs when the phones are next to each other. I cannot connect with the S9 so try the S4 and it connects.

The core is running on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.