iPhone app opens to blank/black screen

This happens every once in a while where if i open the Roon app on my iphone i get a black/blank screen. I can still hit my roon server using the Roon app on my iPad when this happens. Killing the app on my iphone doesn’t solve the problem, the only thing that solves it is deleting the application and reinstalling.
Any suggestions on how to prevent this? This bug has been around for the past several months, any ideas of when it will get fixed?
(Iphone Xs, latest non-beta iOS version).

Hi @Jim_Willis,

Can you please share a screenshot of what it looks like when you are in this state? Do you notice any text on the black screen or menu buttons?

Do any other remotes also exhibit this issue or is it just the iPhone?
What kind of Core are you using?


Here’s a movie.
Black screen, white bar.

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Hi @Jim_Willis,

Thanks for that video. I’ve enabled diagnostics mode for your iPhone - can you please open the Roon app on it a few times (without reinstalling) and let me know once you have done so? I can check to see if the logs are then delivered.

Works fine now. Didn’t reinstall. This tends to be the typical behavior:

  • Listen to roon for a few hours
  • Come back, can’t open roon on iphone anymore
  • Say, “screw it” and go do some housework or something and forget about roon for a day or two
  • Come back and it works on iphone again. This behavior has been going on for months, through multiple roon core, app and iOS updates, i figured it was just a known bug.

Hi @Jim_Willis,

I’m not seeing any log reports from your iPhone yet, have you used the Roon app on it recently?

I’d like to take a look at the logs, so please let me know once you have used the Roon app on your iPhone and I can check our diagnostics servers again.

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