Iphone ios 13.5 instability

Am seeing a lot of crashes on IOS 13.5 on iphone 11max pro. No issues with macos client etc.

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I’m having similar issues with the same device. The crashes get progressively worse and are temporarily resolved with a reboot. But it inevitably comes back. A memory leak, perhaps?

Same here - crashes repeatedly with iPhone 11max pro

Same issue with my iPhone 11 running 13.5.1. App crashes within 30sec and is basically unusable. I didn’t notice this instability before the latest Roon update…

Probably not that helpful to say so, but I’m running iOS 13.5.1 on my iPhone 11 with no issues at all using the latest Roon version.
Mine’s a 128GB model - maybe the problems arise with a particular memory size?


My phone has 256GB, so probably not.

The Roon app on my iPhone 11 consistently crashes ~25sec after opening. This is with no actions taken. The app doesn’t close completely - it’s still running in the background. If I open it from the background, it runs for ~25sec then goes to background again. Completely unusable like this… I’ve also noticed I can’t add my iPhone as an endpoint - trying to do so crashes Roon on my iMac. The app works fine on my iPad Air and iPad Pro - both also running iOS 13.5.1.

Update - rebooting my phone seems to have fixed the issue for now.

I am currently experiencing the same thing too on my iPhone 11, frustrating to say the least!
Is the support team @noris looking and addressing these behaviors?


Yes, we are looking into this, please see:


If you wish to help debug this issue, please open a thread in #support with iOS console logs as that would help gather more info, thanks!

Thanks @noris, clearing the image cache worked… thanks again!

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