iPhone & iPad not showing up as audio device anymore (Build 882)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
NUC i7, Rock Server 1.8, Build 882

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Server is connected via LAN to a Unifi Switch. iPad pro & iPhone are connected via WIFI to Unifi Access points. Speedtest gives constantly 500-600 Mbps. So no WIFI issues expected.

Issues observed with iPad Pro (12,9, 4th Generation, iPadOS 15.2) & iPhone 13pro, iOS 15.2
Iphone & iPad are not showing up as audio device

Restarting core & devices doesn‘t help.

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I’m assuming you mean they are not showing up on the devices themselves (that is, iPhone is not a zone option when using roon remote on the iPhone). That’s also true for my Android devices; my phone is not a zone option when using roon remote on my phone nor is my android tablet an option when using roon remote on the tablet.

They can be you need to switch off the private zone setting.

When I navigate to „settings —> audio“ both, devices, iPhone & iPad, are not showing up anymore. In consequence I can‘t choose them as a an audio zone.
Before updating to 882 this was possible.

What I needed to do was enable them in settings audio. They had been enabled before so I didn’t expect to have to enable them again.

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Hi Roon-Support, any idea how I can fix this issue? Thanks & Cheers Oliver

yep…as always

After 12 days without an answer from Roon support I just wanted to ask if there is an interest from roon side to look into this or if I simply have to live with that. BR Oliver

Post screenshots of the device setup s reinstalled for the ios devices.

I have no clue what you mean.

Have you tried to uninstall the Roon apps on both the iPhone and iPad.
Then reinstall and see if any change for them appearing as audio zones again.

I assume all devices are on the latest build available?

Yes I did. No change. Doesn’t matter anymore…I stopped using Roon as a player. Too buggy and obviously no support from the developers. I really regret that I have invested in a lifetime licence for a product developed by an amateurish software company. Lesson learned…

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