iPhone remote Roon player over 4G - almost working

(Steve Curtis) #1


I’m new to Roon - really like it so far. I saw some discussions on here about using Roon remotely through VPN’s, thought I should report that using Zerotier VPN could be a way forward with this. I can remotely control my zones over 4G fine using Zerotier - just not playback.

The Roon app seems to detect whether WiFi is being used on the iPhone and if not removes the iPhone as a player/zone and only allows zone control. I realise there might be some streaming difficulties with bandwidth but by using Zerotier it provides a true encrypted LAN extension so it would be nice to at least try and use it over 4G for playback. Zerotier ignores all uPnP nonsense and just provides a true flat LAN extension - its super cool but not really widely used in my experience. This would certainly allow laptops to access Roon very easily when remote without a lot of the usual VPN hassles and complexities.

Maybe a setting to allow playback without WiFi in the advanced settings would be enough?