iPhone Roon remote app won't connect to core

So it’s been working now it won’t yes i powered down my laptop - which is always on - and the Roon app on laptop has been running while trying to connect with my iphone. I also powered down my Iphone.

It was working now it isn’t and can’t get it to connect - my laptop has access to internet - and my music is on my QNAP NAS which is working fine - (i have crashplan pro a cloud backup product and it’s running and backing up my music to the cloud as we speak so laptop where Roon Core is is able to access the music. I can also access my music on Roon on the laptop - it’s the iphone can’t. Iphone is on the network - i’ve tried untying it and then connecting iphone to network - still doesn’t work. Also just checked that “Accept connections from remote” is YES.

Ok wait i sort have figured it out but need more help - so i have the laptop sometimes plugged into ethernet - so i unplugged the ethernet and it connected laptop to Wifi - and then i tried my iphone and now it works - so it appears if my laptop is not accessing internet by it’s wifi but by ethernet cable - then iphone app can’t connect - any explanations and how to fix -if fix is possible?

Please read the Roon Knowledge Base article Why can’t Roon Remote Connect?.

Please pay special attention to the section Network Setup as it seems to me, that your wired and wireless connection operate on different networks.

Hi @alex_mendoza,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Generally speaking, as noted in our Networking Guide, we always recommend that your Core be connected via Ethernet for optimal performance. Since everything works fine when the Core is connected via Ethernet it sounds like there is something about the WiFi that is causing an issue here.

When things are connected via WiFi do you see the Core from your iPhone remote or does it not show up at all? Can you verify that the Core and the iPhone are on the same subnet?

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