iPhone runs hot

When i use Roon Remote my iPhone 11 Pro, it runs very hot, pretty fast.

Others who have experienced that problem?

Please describe your setup in more detail. What DAC or headphones are connected to your iPhone.

Nothing connected, only used to operate playback in various zones, via Roon Remote.

Hello @Jesper_Haastrup3,

Is the screen on or off when the phone is getting hot? Is there a difference with the screen on/off?


when The screen Is turned on, and browsing libary, then it gets really hot.

When the screen turns off, or Roon Remote not is used, the temperature drops again.

Hi @Jesper_Haastrup3,

Does this behavior only happen when Roon is on a specific screen on your iPhone (such as the “Now Playing” screen)? Is there any change in behavior if you try uninstalling and re-installing the Roon iOS app from the App Store?

After uninstall, reboot and re-install i think the problem is gone.

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Hi @Jesper_Haastrup3,

That’s great news! If you have any further issues feel free to let us know and we can take a look!

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