iPhone stops playing with USB 3 camera adapter, works fine with old camera adapter [Solved - Core Reboot and USB replaced]


I am using an iPhone 5s as a wifi endpoint - lightning out to USB in on DAC.

This old setup works fine:

But as the battery dies quick I bought the USB 3 camera adapter. It starts to play but after ~15 seconds stop playing and says transport output device was disconnected.

This is the setup that doesn’t work:

Can you do something to fix?

Hi @Kris_K,

Thanks for contacting us.

  • What is your DAC endpoint from the iPhone?
  • Have you tried a different USB cable?
  • Have you rebooted your Core and Roon Remote app yet?

– Noris

@noris did all three and it worked. Thank you!

Glad to hear that @Kris_K, wish you a pleasant listening experience! :slight_smile:

– Noris

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