iPhone X Crashes

I got the the same issue. Roon crashes after 10-15 seconds. I‘m using IOS 14.3 on IphoneX.

Hi @Rolf_Winkler,

Welcome to the forum! Can you please try to reboot your iPhone or reinstall the Roon app from the iOS app store? Does that help with the crashes?

…I already tried it several times (rebooting and reinstalling). It won’t work on my iPhone X. All the time Roon app is crashing again. On my other devices everything works fine.

I have the same issue.

Seems that when you have too many apps open the roon app crashes.

If you close all your apps including roon then launch it again it fixes the problem.

I’m guessing it runs out of memory on the phone.

I’ve also still got the issue on my XS. Is really a Roon software issue.


unfortunately I am encountering the same problem on an iPhone XS with iOS 14.3. Since about a month Roon permanently crashes after about 20 seconds. This issue suddenly occurred from one day to another after months of having no problem with the app at all. Also there were no changes to the system or anything else. I deleted and reinstalled the app, rebooted the system, closed other applications, and cleared the cache. This had no effect. What puzzles me is that this problem occurred after months of unproblematically usage and without having changed anything. If I can contribute in any way to solve this riddle by sending system-protocols etc., please let me know.

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Hi @Thomas_Wachtendorf,

We are looking into these reports, can you please try to see if the behavior is the same if you uninstall the Roon app, reboot and then reinstall the Roon app again after the reboot?

Thanks for the hint. I did as you suggested and for some time now the error has not occurred anymore. I hope I won‘t have to do this regularly.

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Roon 1.8 also crashes on Iphone X. It also crashes on my Ipad 2018.

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Hello All,

If you are still seeing this behavior in Roon 1.8 please let us know here:

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The crashes started today on my XS. Latest version so settings are working again!

Scrolling is also laggy (low framerate) on my iPad Pro 2020 and iPhone XS.

It’s so annoying to use the app because of these issues. First time I reported this was march 2020… love Roon 1.8 but the iOS experience is bad.

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