iPhone X endpoint problems

Hi all - I think I know what at least part of the answer to this question will be, but here goes. Loving the 1.4 update, but I’m having trouble getting anything to play from my iPhone X running the most current version of iOS. When trying to play any Tidal file, I get a message stating that the file is no longer available from Tidal. The file is skipped. When trying to play any local file, I get a message stating the file is loading slowly and the file is also skipped. The end result is that, with the exception of a couple of hours last night, I’ve been unable to get any tracks to play from my phone. Let me know what you want to know about my network, but my guess is that’s where the trouble is. Thanks for any suggestions!

Try restarting your Roon core.

Rebooted the core, first track played was a Tidal track, it was skipped, second track (I’m just shuffling most of my library) played. Not currently in a listening mode, but I’ll report back and see how things hold up.

Well, that didn’t get me anywhere. Went out of the house for a bit, off my wifi network, came back home, restarted the app on iOS, and nothing will play. 1-2 seconds of Tidal tracks, then an unavailable message, loading slowly message on local tracks, everything is skipped, nothing plays. @support? Thanks!

One further data point - I can play using Peng and Roon, no problem, I can stream hifi from the Tidal app no problem. Just can’t seem to go straight through Roon.

Hey @kneville – sorry you’re having trouble here. Things will be a little slower than normal over the next few days, but I’ve enabled some diagnostics on your account now and we should be getting a report with some logs the next time Roon launches.

We’ll have a look and follow up here. In the meantime, can you let us know a little about your wifi setup? Anything notable about the network, the Core, firewalls, etc? All of this points to RAAT issues between the Core and the phone.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks @mike! Of course, no pressure to respond quickly - Happy Holidays to you and the rest of the Roon Team! My ISP is Verizon Fios, my router is the Verizon-provided Quantum Gateway G1100. No switches, NAS, nothing else to complicate the network other than 4 other people in the house and their connected devices. Demand on the network varies considerably, but I know I’ve had trouble when no one else is streaming video, playing co-op video games, etc. My Roon core is a late 2012 15" MacBook Pro, running macOS 10.13.2. Firewalls are all off. Local files are on an external USB disc, Tidal files come in via wifi. Typically wifi speeds for the core:
24 PM

I’ll connect to the router via Ethernet and see if that gets me anywhere, but not having any trouble playing files and listening via the Core directly.

Thanks again, cheers!

Hey @kneville,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve received logs to diagnose, we need to run them by our dev team before getting back to you. I’ll keep you updated.


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Hi @kneville ---- Thank you again for your patience here.

Moving froward, I wanted to touch base with you as I had a chance to touch base with @vova and our DEV team today to discuss this behavior you are experiencing with the iPhone X. The team has asked if you could please verify the following information for us:

  • In your follow up to Mike’s comment I see you mentioned that all firewalls are currently “off” (:thumbsup:). The team wants to confirm that you are not making use of a VPN or have any active antivirus applications, as well.

  • If you have any other mobile based Roon remotes currently being used how are they behaving?

All the best to you and your family in the New Year!

Hi @Eric -

I have a vpn app on my phone and core, but it is not currently active. No antivirus software installed on my Mac. I also have a 10.7" iPad Pro running the current version of iOS. Similar issues, part of why I was leaning toward my network being the issue.

Most recently, I’ve had a couple of days of using my phone as an endpoint without any issues. Just now, I was getting tracks skipped but quit and re-started Roon on both the core and the phone (the software, did not reboot the hardware) and I’m playing without problems.

Thanks for your continued assistance. Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

Hi @kneville ----- Thank you for your patience while i have been discussing the “next steps” with the team in understanding why you are experiencing this behavior with the iPhone X.

Moving forward, I first wanted to see how things have been holding up. I see from your latest you had some success with using the phone as a end point with only playback issue and a reboot seems to have fixed it. If you are still experiencing this behavior would you kindly please perform the following test and share your observations with us. See below.

  • Enable “airplane mode” on the iPhone X.

  • Next re-enable WiFi on the phone.

  • Try to reproduce the issue.


Hi @Eric — thanks for following up. I have had ongoing issues with both of my iOS endpoints. I attempted playback from my iPhone just now and got the typical ‘file loading slow’ or ‘not available on Tidal’ errors. I quit the Roon app, turned on airplane mode, re-enabled WiFi, restarted the Roon app, and voila, playback without any problems. At least that’s a workaround for now. If I see any other behavior, I’ll check back in. Does the team have any idea what’s going on? As always, thanks for your assistance, cheers!

@Eric – Update: About 30 minutes ago, playback just stopped. One track ended and the next track would not begin. I don’t know if tracks were local or Tidal. Tried to restart the app, turn off/on airplane mode an wifi, no success, same messages as tracks are skipped. Did not yet restart core or phone, going back to my laptop to listen there.

Hi @kneville ---- Thank you for touching base with me. I appreciate you giving the proposed test a shot and sharing your observations with us. very appreciated!

Moving forward, upon seeing your response I have went ahead and re-enabled diagnostics on your account. The next time the application is active on both your core machine and the iPhone a diagnostics report containing a set of up to date Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded directly to our servers. I will confirm when the report has been received so you know we have it :wink:

Furthermore, if by chance (:innocent:) you are able to trigger this issue and give us the exact time of day when it occurred and the track that was being played at the time those data points, would be greatly appreciated.


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Attempted to play from my phone just now. 8:15 pm EST. The track that I attempted to play was a Tidal track, ‘Music to Gargle At’ by the artist Ozric Tentacles. The 'This track is no longer available in Tidal message appeared and the track shows up as a skipped track in my queue. Strangely, it skipped 3 additional Tidal tracks and then began playing with the 5th Tidal track. We’ll see how long it holds up. Thanks for your assistance!

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Always glad to try and help @kneville, thank you for the timestamps! Confirming that I received the mentioned diagnostics report.


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Hi @kneville ----- Thank you again for your patience here while our tech team has been looking into this behavior you’ve been experiencing with the iPhone X acting as an endpoint.

Moving forward, the team has reported to me that they are noticing numerous “dropouts” in the RAATServer logs we received with the diagnostics report from your system. As you are aware audio dropouts are typically the result of some kind of hardware or performance issue and in light of this I would like to propose the following test to see if we can trigger a change in behavior with the iPhone X. See below.

Test conditions:

  • Endpoint = iPhone X

  • Please temporarily disable all other endpoints and as many devices as possible currently making use of WiFi (all things considered of course :wink:)

  • Please setup a temporary watch folder on the internal storage of the MBP core with some media off the mentioned external USB disc.

  • After the above configuration is in place please verify how the iPhone performs.

    • If you do experience any dropouts, please (if possible) try to keep track of when it occurred.

Look forward to hearing your observations, Kevin!

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