iPhone11 Roon app crashing


I have an iPhone 11 where Roon’s app crashes constantly. I have already reinstalled the app to no avail, I have also cleared the cache but nothing helps. Is this problem known?

I got home yesterday with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max and I’m not having any problems. I have no idea why it works from some, but not all. Weird.

I also experience crashes and app freezing on my iPhone 11 Pro. It is not constant but it does occur once a day at least. Either the app crashes upon launching or the app freezes and becomes unresponsive in which case I have to manually quit and restart. It used to be a lot worse for me a while back with almost constant crashes (iPhone 7 and then 8). I have no idea what causes this for some users. I engaged with support at the time but unfortunately it proved impossible to diagnose as there was no way to gather crash data (at least back then).

I set the memory for artwork/photos to 1024mb in setup (by default this was 64mb) and again emptied the cache. So far this appears to help :crossed_fingers:

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Will give this a go, thanks :slight_smile:

I’m having an intermittent problem on my 11 Pro where Roon will stay open for around 30 seconds, then quit. When it happens, it happens every time. I need to hard restart the phone to fix it.

Same problem as you, “extracampine”. My iPhone 10 crashes all the time. It usually lasts less than 30 seconds… and it’s gone again.

This is a really bad bug because I can’t use it to play music from my new QNAP server through Roon to any of my Amazon Echos, which are in nearly every room in the house. Only Roon endpoints - which are also ethernet cabled - will play without interruption (Sonos, Ambeo soundbar etc).

I have to say I didn’t have the memory for Photos/Artwork set at 1024 Mb, but when I’ve set it, it now crashes within 10 seconds?

I have also cleared the image cache, and set the Photos/Artwork at 512 Mb but it still crashes without me doing anything!

On any other platform surely this would be completely unacceptable?

Why are we putting up with this? :frowning:


I’m not sure if this has been brought to the devs attention - @mike?

Thanks, I will report it tomorrow. I’m fairly new to the forum so not entirely sure where bug reports should be posted? But they really do need to know.
Cheers Terry

I know we’ve been doing lots of work on this, but last I heard we still have not been able to reproduce in-house. It’s frustrating.

@dylan has been working with a few users to gather more information, and may have a way for you to help us with additional logging, since we haven’t been able to figure out why some users are seeing this, but no one in the organization is :frowning:


I sent you a PM @Terry_Trinder!

If anyone else is interested in helping us gather additional data please send me a PM and I’ll walk you through the next steps.