iPhone11 Roon app crashing

Here is the video: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0mcUlyRnjnP5c-KfW-MAUi6XA#Home

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the Remote app , that may fix it , not ideal but …

Last time I did it I uninstalled, Rebooted the iPad and then Reinstalled not sure if it was necessary

Same here. Roon remote (newest version) on iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 14.0.1) always crashes after 20 seconds, no matter what I do in the app. The phone also gets hot, so there seems to be a process running loose.

Reinstalling the app doesn’t help. Restarting the phone fixes it for me temporarily, but the issue reappears after a few days. @support ?

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Same Problem here, iphone 11 pro with newest IOS. Already tried to reinstall app, clear cash and change image size, nothing helped…

seems that the behavior starts as soon as I want to enable my iphone as an endpoint.
the app is working fine after a reboot of the iphone as long as I do not try to enable my Iphone.

Roon is also crashing on iPhone 8.
I cannot see a clear pattern… it crashes sometimes after 5 secs and sometimes after 1 minute.
It crashes no matter if the endpoint is Sonos or Gato…

I regularly have problems with the Roon app crashing both on my iPhone 11 Pro Max as well as my 5 year old iPad Air. It’s been happening since I purchased Roon in June. The iOS app in general needs a lot of work tbh, especially on iPhone.

I’m having the same problem on my iPhone XR. Roon is unusable because it crashes every 30 seconds or so. I uninstalled and reinstalled Roon remote. It didn’t help.

Also having the same issue. The app opens for 15 seconds then just throws me back to the iOS Home Screen. This is definitely a problem that needs fixing by the devs.

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Really annoying. It crashes many times during playing. :angry:

By resiting my iPhone 11 it seems it worked not crashing so far

I’ve basically had to quit using my iPhone 11 Pro Max as a controller due to frequent crashes. My iPad works fine though.

Same issue here on my 12 ProMax. Quits to the Home Screen after 20-30 seconds no matter what I’m doing in Roon.

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I use an iPhone 12 Pro. The Roon app must be the most unstable app on both thr 12 Pro and on my old 11 Pro Max.

I cannot believe how the app can be this bad- seeing similar problems on my 2020 iPad 12.9” too…

Consider yourself lucky. I also have the latest iPad mini and seeing similar issues…

Same problem on my XS. Several uninstall - reboot - installs later the app seems stable. Messaged @noris and told him I was basically happy to close the case.
Happy for now but I’m not convinced. It’s definitely a tricky one but it does seem an issue on reading these reports.

I gave up on using the Roon iPhone app when all I want to do is see what’s playing and switch tracks and adjust volume. It’s too laggy and unstable. For that, the Roon Extension “Web Controller” is vastly superior – it refreshes 10x faster than the Roon app and hasn’t crashed once in over a week since I set it up.

I put some details here. If you have a Raspberry Pi running DietPi or a Mac, PC, or Linux computer (not RoonOS) on your network it’s super easy to set up using a VirtualBox VM. I recommend that method over a direct install on Mac/Win/Linux because the VM keeps everything tidy and isolated instead of spewing node and git files all over your main OS system folders.

Roon really needs to do a rewrite of the iOS app using UIKit so it’s more responsive, stable, and acts and feels like a regular iOS app instead of a weird Android/Linux style app that’s been jammed into my iPhone (including lock screen and hardware volume button integration, which Spotify has already figured out how to do when used as a remote – so it’s definitely possible to do even if the music isn’t playing on-device).

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I agree with you 100% @armandhammer ! Roon needs to rewrite the iOS app completely. I reported this issue about a year ago. I’ve sent @bocatech videos and logs. Still not resolution and their excuse is, they are not able to replicate the issue. I currently have an iphone 12 and it is crashing. May be they should take a pause from new releases and work on existing bugs.

@bocatech you are welcome to buy this phone from me and replicate it if that will help.