iPod Touch 64 bit

The latest iPod Touch supports 64 bit but is not listed as a device that will work as a remote? Why?

Hi Richard,

Did you try and install it from the App Store? I’m curious if it would work.

Cheers, Greg

I didn’t want to buy the iPod Touch if it didn’t work with Roon

If you go to the App Store and look for Roon app, the compatibility shows iPod Touch 6th Generation, so I guess it’s ok.

Seeing that you want to buy one, let’s check with @support, since it doesn’t explicitly say it’s compatible in the knowledge base.

Cheers, Greg

Greg how do I run “headless” using my macmini?

Hi Richard,

Check this out.

You know that Roon Server is running if there’s a Roon icon in the top right menu bar of the Mac.

Note that it’s fine to run Roon Server and Roon (running as a Remote) on the same machine.

You probably won’t have to edit storage locations, since you’re not changing machines.

Let me know if you have questions.

Cheers, Greg

The model A1574 works like a charm…I think thats the 6th Gen version too. Out since July 2015.

I just converted to roon sever running headless on my Mac mini. I have roon running on my MacBook and iMac also have aiPad as a remote. Do I run RoonServer on all the macs I do not see an icon on the upper right of my menue bars?

Just run Roon on the other remotes and iPad etc…just one machine runs server, and it’s the only one that runs with the icon in the top menu bar up near the clock corner

Cool I got all that but since the RoonServer is running “headless” I will never see that icon? Yes/No?

Well no you won’t see it there…but headless doesn’t mean you can’t remote screen to admin that machine…I use several macmini’s as bridges and do just that, and my windows 10 headless server I also,use Remote Desktop to admin too.