iPod Touch - external DAC

Hi so after my failed Android DAP experience and the fact that Roon insists on resampling eveythng on Android, looking at possiby using an Ipod Touch and External DAC. Would this still need to two cables to attach to a DragonFly dac etc?

You would need the Apple Camera Kit lead.

This can be brought with just a socket for the USB device (Dragonfly) or with an additional slot for power.

Out thanks wasn’t sure if I would need the otg cable as well.

Do you still have to use iTunes to get music on it or can I plug it in and use the or windows explorer I hate iTunes so want to avoid it at all costs.

Your ipod touch would only act as an endpoint and would have to connect to your core. The touch would then see whatever local files and streaming services you have configured there.

I know that I will use it for other things than just Roon for portable use and will want to copy my own files to it, that was why I asked as I dont want to have to be tied to iTunes to load files to it.

You are not limited to iTunes, I use a Dragonfly with BBC iPlayer/Sounds apps, Tidal, Onkyo HF player, VLC etc. As far as I’m aware, any audio output will work through it.

If you buy it all from an apple store (or online apple) you have 14 days no questions asked to return for a full refund. actually anything in/on the store has this policy available, not jus the apple branded items.

while I wouldn’t abuse it I have in the past used it several times and even had staff remind me.

sometimes handy if your apple kit is faulty and you need something to use while its repaired :slight_smile:

While i don’t own any recent iPods i think you are required to use iTunes for transferring your local files to it. However you could use your streaming account to cache your favorites for mobile use, add Radio Paradise app and you’re all set! :slight_smile: