Is anybody home at Roon?

I’m a Roon lifetime subscriber. My music is scatted around on multiple hard drives, so I thought it might be a good idea to take a serious look at the Nucleus as a solution. I wrote a note via the Roon website, and several days went by with no answer. I wrote again, and now, about a week later, no answer from anyone at Roon. I would think they would like to sell these things. I had a few questions on availability and what models were shipping. Crickets.

This mirrors their technical support, which is very slow. I reported an issue (software bug) a year ago and it still has not been resolved.

So while I like the Roon software, and its aspirations, I’m not at all satisfied with the communications, which are pretty much absent.

Is there some secret way to get a response from Roon? I would think they would be anxious to sell a Nucleus.

Taggings @accounts to start the ball rolling.

Hey @Mel_Martin! I apologize we couldn’t get back to you sooner – the 1.8 release still has the support team running a bit behind.

I’m following up with you via email now, hang tight!

Thanks… have replied to your email and am awaiting a reply.


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Kevin was very helpful with my request for information, so posting here did the trick.

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