Is ApplePi Roon Tested?

Here’s a relevant snippet of their webpage:


Can anyone translate?

If it is in the pipeline (on the roadmap?) that would be useful to know. Thx.

John V

The designer has asked for inclusion in the Ropieee and DietPi builds. Ropieee is a RoonBridge only end point so that justifies mentioning Roon. Roon Testing is another matter but may come when production models come in.

Thanks for that Henry, but my question was about actual testing. I know their name wasn’t on the Tested list I when I last looked.

My question is timely because ApplePi is about to finish fundraising for the DAC and will stop offering discounts soon. So I wanted to know if anyone had actually hooked up a prototype or production unit to a Roon setup.

Here’s another bit of their webpage:


I know the page well, I have pledged and hope to receive a great DAC in due course! I will be testing on Ropieee and I think its author Harry will be getting one to evaluate. There is a prototype doing the rounds on Audiocircle so I’d ask there.

So you made the leap. Good for you. Thinking of doing the same; I’ve got a largely unused Pi at home, so the incremental cost isn’t too scary. But, a bit of field testing would be comforting.

I’ll try the other blog. Thanks.