Is Chord Mojo on the way out?

Was toying with getting one and it’s unavailable (or priced way over list) everywhere. Any intel on whether it’s being phased out or just another chip-shortage casualty?

And while I have Chord people reading this - anyone compare SQ on the Mojo vs. a standalone DAP like the A&K S25? I have the A&K, and it has so many advantages, but a fairly un-punchy bass, and I’m wondering if I might do better harnessing my phone w/the Mojo.

I have the Mojo, and find it to be a delight to use. I mostly use it with IEMs, but I have used it with both the Audeze LCD-3 and the X, and it actually drives them fairly well.

Mostly, the Mojo is an excellent DAC/AMP for the price and brings the clarity and depth that Chord is famous for. I can’t compare it with the AK, because I’ve not used it.

It does appear to be out of stock many places, but Amazon does have it at a higher price.

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I love this little thing and use it with my Audeze LCD 2C. Plenty available pre-loved on eBay and I got mine in mint condition for £200.


Mojo/poly here and oppo pm2. Fab.

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As I understand it, a new version is being rolled out (Mojo2020) but it is not yet available in large amounts.

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That sounds so last year.


Which might explain the supply shortage right now - the only new one I’ve seen is $699 on Amazon, a full $200 more than conventionally charged.

We just had Euro 2020 so this may be a trend now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha good point. I was over that and onto the cricket and rugby till you reminded me.

There’s no mystery - I have it on authority its simply down to supply (or lack thereof) of critical components needed to make them.


Where did you get his understanding from?

The only thing on the way out in a Mojo will be the battery. :rofl:

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Yep, that’s what I’m hearing from retailers.

Well, i sold mine a few of years ago with the hope of Chord releasing a similar product like the Mojo 2…
However, about a year ago i couldn’t wait anymore and bought a second hand unit. The battery is okey, and its in as new condition otherwise. And they sound freaking great! :slight_smile:

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Was never a fan of the mojo myself thought it was overrated, expensive, bulky , ugly and given its supposed to be a mobile DAC not very good with fending off RF from the device attached. I would stick with a DAP myself for the same money as I now do, far more convenient and sound just as good in my experience with out all the hassles, cables etc.

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I got my hands on an overpriced new Mojo, but could not distinguish it from my current DAP (A&K S25), which of course is way more convenient on the road. Returned the Mojo. Loved the sound, but essentially already owned it in a better form.


Please elaborate? What were you experiencing? :slight_smile:

He’s probably referring to a big hoopla that came up a couple years ago, which ended up not being RFI but actually the classic 2G mobile phone interference, when the phone was close.

Where I am, 2G has been switched off completely. I imagine this is less an issue in 2021… as more 2G services get switched off globally.

But yes some other competing devices at the time did not have this issue, so I guess one could call it a design flaw at the time.

It was solved with Hugo2 that came later.


Yep that’s what I was referring to would pick up the phones signal like speakers would on computers etc. Funny enough my Schiit Heresy amp also suffers from the same thing it might measure well but it’s shielding is shocking for a £400 device to not shield it is bad imo as didn’t have issues with my £80 DDB . My phone charger is on the same unit as the Schiit as soon as the phones best the unit it starts to interfere, I am on Vodaphone so still very much an issue. Its GPS and SMS that cause it I was led to believe as they check for messages etc.

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Yeh but 2G service is still active in UK right?

Once Vodafail turn off 2G services, that issue will likely disappear for you (if that’s the same issue).

Thanks guys! I’ve never heard about this…