Is getting ARC [not Roon 2.0] to work necessary? Mandatory?

This is likely a simple question: Is it in any way necessary to install ARC, either now or in the future?

I ask because I’m having issues installing ARC, and have already wasted multiple hours fiddling with settings and trying to learn something about configuring networks. A thread in support goes unaddressed.

All this, and as far as I can tell, I don’t really need ARC’s functionality. I rarely listen to music in other locations – and when I do, I use Qobuz on a portable Bluetooth speaker – and I never listen while driving. My entire ROON experience takes place in my living room and I’m fine with that.

Maybe I’m missing something, but wasting hours trying to get ARC to work doesn’t seem to have much value for me… unless it will be REQUIRED at some point in the future.



It’s not mandatory now and - though predictions are difficult in particular if they are concerned with the future - most likely neither in the future.

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I note that you have posted in ARC: Port Forwarding Help. The diagnostics suggest you have multiple NAT.

However, if you don’t want to use ARC, place a zero in the port under Settings > Roon ARC.


I am in the same situation, I will never (never say never) use ARC outside the house, if I need mobile , I have a selection of albums on an 256 gb SD card, then Bluetooth headphones.

That said I upgraded to 2.0 , I have wasted no time trying to get ARC to work. So why ?

My bet is that 1.8 legacy won’t be around for long, just til the dust settles from the ARC launch . Why should a software developer back correct / enhance 2 streams, it doesn’t make sense even with advanced source control systems. Eventually some piece of tech will be needed that 1.8 won’t support (that’s already been hinted at in John Dario’s video with “internet always on”) So far the promise of 1.8 legacy was Xmas , unless we hear more.

Other than a grump about my favourite features that need attention not getting TLC I will keep with 2.0 because that’s where new features will land, if they ever get back support in 1.8.

So far nothing ARC (or Roon 2.0 related for that matter) related has caused me any grief , it’s there but unused.

Nuff said, bite the bullet and forget ARC unless you really want it :smiling_imp:


I’ve upgraded to 2.0. I had to wait a few days until company came over and left (showing off the rig), but the next day the update went through without a hitch. Not so for ARC.

I’m going to give it another go at some point, mostly for learning and curiosity. But I can’t really see myself using ARC as a feature. Me messing around with modem settings is not usually a good thing.

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If you are in a “double nat” situation then fixing it requires an understanding of a few network related concepts. ARC won’t work, out of the box, in a double NAT topology. My entire career is network so this stuff I can fix in my sleep but if I had no idea what “double nat” was, and I had no interest in ARC, my now self would tell my hypothetical self to leave it alone and walk away :slight_smile:

The suggestion from @Martin_Webster to set the port to 0 is a good one. That tells ARC service to stop pestering your router with a configuration (UPnP) request that will never work.


Thanks for the input, @ipeverywhere

I’ll set the port to 0 and walk away. I have no interest in ARC, and certainly don’t want to screw up my LAN due to a dumb mistake.

I’m glad you posted this! ARC didn’t work when it launched and I’m not terribly interested in spending hours finding out why. In any case I’m in a similar situation to you and just use the Qobuz app when I’m listening at the office. My Core runs on my MacBook Pro so I don’t want to force that to stay awake and run all day just for Roon.


Interesting question - my experience: ARC is a feature I didn’t ask for nor I have any interest on it. My point being, I haven’t even thought about that. I got forcibly upgraded to 2.0. Meaning, I did not really know about ARC, did not realize it was there, haven’t touched it, don’t know if it works for me or not.

With all that said, I have been using Roon 2.0 with no issues. In fact upon reading this thread, went to settings and finally saw the config screen for ARC! :smiley: Seriously, so off my radar, the new item just did not register. Set the port to 0 as per this thread. Still working fine.



Personally I think ARC should have a dead man option that is OFF by default, then there is no ambiguity about if its on or not. Setting a 0 value in the port setting is obscure and not intuitive.


After jumping in and having a good initial experience with ARC I have now decided to abandon it until it is as stable and easy to use as Tidal App downloading tracks/albums/playlist and playing offline with no coercion to be permanently online.

I loved the ability to download my own stored files and play them on the move. After the initial honeymoon of about 9 days, and especially since the update, I’ve had a string of frustrating experiences with ARC:

  1. getting the Listening Port working was a struggle.
  2. many downloaded files corrupted on ARC but play perfectly on Roon.
  3. after corrupted files cleared out tracks in downloaded albums refused to play while the same file in a downloaded playlist would play fine.
  4. after deleting all downloads, removing and reinstalling ARC, and re-downloading a playlist every 5th track or so would hang for quite a few seconds then skip ahead

So I’ve deleted the ARC app and set the listening port to 0 :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Had exactly the same issues and thoughts as yourself. Is it worth it as I too have Qobuz and Tidal offline. I suppose the only advantage is that all your music is installed within one app.

Necessary? No. Mandatory? No.

“Necessary? No. Mandatory? No.”

But… useful? Yes!
I was a huge naysayer mainly because I knew my AT&T router was going to make life difficult to set it up easily.
However once I bit the bullet it really was not that bad and now…
I use ARC when in the car all the time.
Sure I could use Qobuz or Tidal or my own phone music player but I actually like Arc v1 and it’s only going to get better.
But I still don’t need to use it I just prefer to at this point in time.


Completely depends on how one uses Roon, of course.

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