Is it just me or is there usually some problem going on with Roon at any given time?

Thankfully I listen more to CDs and LPs than through Roon. Seems like every time I spend some time digging around in Roon there is some issue, it never seems to just work without problems. I know this is complex software but dang it’s always something. Super long search times. Totally weird behavior, the spinning ball etc. missing albums on and on. I don’t even bother trying to get through to support I just figure it will go away and it usually does. Don’t get me wrong I still love Roon and appreciate the upgrades and work to make it better but I wonder if everyone kind of feels like this about it? I don’t even use it that much but when I do it usually doesn’t work perfect. I just kind of figure it is what it is with Roon this way. I’ve learned to live with it and thank god for other media and other streaming services to be able to jump right over to when Roon is giving me fits.


I can’t say that is my experience at all. It usually works quite well for me.


Roon works routinely well for me. No fuss no muss. Are the updates sometimes problematic? Yes. But the core function of playing my music always works.


What he said!


My experience with Roon just over two years has been very good. However, Roon can be complex if you’re computer challenged and problematic if your network is marginal or if you try to scrimp on the hardware specs.

I’m sure Roon could be more reliable if they didn’t try to continually upgrade the application, but, I’m not sure how many people would want that. I sometimes wonder if Roon has the resources they need in the areas of product development, testing, and support.

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I’ve been using Roon for a few years, about 10 hours a day. So far, I have only encountered minor bugs, which have not affected my daily auditions.
From a financial point of view, I think the acquisition of Roon was one of the best investments in the audio field.


Just paid for year 6 ,nuff said

In that time I have not had a single issue with performance that I can remember. Switch on it autostart then just works . I shut down most days maybe that’s the answer

The feature set is another thing but not the OP’s comment.

My core is a bog std tower desktop , ethernet wired to my router etc

Maybe I’m lucky but KISS is definitely applicable

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I joined up 5 days after launch and never had an issue. Didn’t work so well in my garage upgraded the network and bingo.


A complex software must have potential problems, not to mention multi-platform compatibility. If someone says that he has not encountered problems, he can only say that his use is not comprehensive, which does not mean that other people will not encounter problems. Software problems are not terrible, mainly because of the attitude of software service providers to deal with this, after all, this is an expensive paid software, users have reason to ask to do better.

It works good for me. Just the known problem with qobuz!

I have given away all music cassettes, LPs, singles, CDs. The 1st year was frustrating for me. But it was the man in front of the machine who couldn’t get it done well. Those who start new with computers always have problems and the technology decides speed and result. Many do not know in the beginning what metadata, MP3, OGG, FLAC is.

Unfortunately, even this race car does not get on the track until you have read and learned a lot. The victory lane and fascination does not come with occasional or infrequent use of Roon.

Since Roon works quite differently than many are used to from their file managers, it may take years for a skilled driver to get the full power of Roon on the race track.

If you buy everything ready to go and have it set up by experts, you have a starting advantage.


Yes Roon has its issues. Can you spot them here.


Yeah, clearly a bug, because if you take a look at the “mentioned in this bibliography” section they have their initials.

KISS principle, I am running ROCK and internal storages, no NAS, using Roon ready endpoint, so far painless and every update is smooth, simpler the setup, closer to Roon ecology, less problems occur, always work for me, more complex the setup, harder the troubleshooting process, harder for Roon to reproduce the problems.

Must be a new “incognito mode” :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the pictures are retrieved from the internet while most of the other content is from the database. Any chance it’s a firewall issue?

I checked and see the same (missing picture of artist). If you click a circle with initials, it takes you to an artist page and it seems that Roon doesn’t have a picture yet. There is a link to Add a photo which takes you to Valence (see Valence Art Director in Roon). I guess this could be called an “issue” but it is a relatively common one.

All worked before last update albums been in collection for several months or longer. No firewall rules block stuff like this. They show up in artists section, it’s a bug.

They should display Initials like it’s always done if no artist image. That’s all I expect not an empty circle.

I don’t know how to respond to folks that experience these kinds of issues. It is difficult to understand without having seen the issues first hand. Well, except for the support response time. That is very noticeable when reading/following the posts for help.

I dislike feeling guilty because my experience is totally opposite, or being labeled a fanboy for having opposite experiences/opinions.

I am a big fan of Roon and the trouble free musical enjoyment it provides for me and others. I would not have ripped my CD library, built a NUC/ROCK dedicated server, had Ethernet installed in my house, purchased 6 Roon ready endpoints, or gone for the lifetime subscription if it were otherwise.

I wish everyone a better experience this new year.


That’s the design - and it is what is happening on my system. Clearly, there’s an issue somewhere in your setup. You could try opening a Support request - but the Support team are on holiday at the moment.