Is it necessary to update ffmpeg

It seems that the ffmpeg that I have installed is from 22th October 2019

But there seems to be a never version from 10th September 2022

Would it make sense to update to the new version?


As far as I know, and according to the docs, on Windows Roon uses the built-in codecs anyway,

So I don’t know if a separately installed ffmpeg has any effect at all. In any case, the codecs are only needed/used for mp3 and AAC files.

As with any software, updates may resolve issues. However, decoding mp3 is not that difficult and there are standards ensuring that the result is essentially always the same with every decoder. The magic is in the encoder. Very early ffmpeg versions had poor encoders for certain types, but this was long ago, and in any case you are not using an encoder with Roon.

@Suedkiez - SORRY :slight_smile: It is not on Windows. It is on my ROCK/NUC server

Why not update? I always have the latest version installed.

I see, then it is used, but still only for decoding mp3/AAC, and the rest still applies.

On the other hand, replace the file with the new version if it makes you sleep better, but it won’t have a real effect.

Decoding, on the other hand, is carefully defined in the standard. Most decoders are “bitstream compliant”, which means that the decompressed output that they produce from a given MP3 file will be the same, within a specified degree of rounding tolerance, as the output specified mathematically in the ISO/IEC high standard document (ISO/IEC 11172-3). Therefore, comparison of decoders is usually based on how computationally efficient they are (i.e., how much memory or CPU time they use in the decoding process). Over time this concern has become less of an issue as CPU clock rates transitioned from MHz to GHz

From MP3 - Wikipedia

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If it has no improvement, than I would not touch it - “Never Touch a Running System” :slight_smile:


Replacing it won’t break anything either, though :slight_smile:

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I will think it over :slight_smile: Just want to make sure that I don’t run into problems.

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I would have to STOP the server


when doing the update - and than make a restart?



I agree, IIRC, the newer version doesn’t change anything which affects Roon, and it’s significantly bigger for some reason. I didn’t bother updating. But, if it makes you happy, go for it.

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No changes in Roon since well before 2019. Any changes in ffmpeg are for video codecs and more exotic things Roon never has to deal with!


To be pedantic, ffmpeg is (was?) occasionally used by Roon for other things.

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Ok, thanks for completing:)

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