Is it possible to list albums by artists and then album title alphabetically?

Looking at my library by Album, the Artists are listed alphabetically. I cant seem to get the Albums listed that way. Only by date added or imported. Am I missing something? Im new. Any help you be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

If you go to “albums” view you can then select “sorted by album title” from the drop down list in the upper right.

Sort by Album Title from Overview > View All.

Thank you for the help
But what that does is go strictly by Album title and not artist. Would I would prefer is under Albums it is sort alphabetical by Artist and then by Album from that artist alphabetically.
Does that make sense?
Thanks again!

Thanks. That doesnt keep the artist sorted alphabetically. What I would like is under Albums, have it sorted by Artist alphabetically and then each album from that artist alphabetical as well. Doers that make sense?
Thanks again

Hhmm, not sure you can do that, If they are sorted by artist they are then sorted by date released, or whatever date you selected in the settings.

Actually you could artificially achieve what you want by changing the “date” to force them into alphabetical order by title…but it would take some work.

That would be quite the task. but thanks for the info!!!

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LOL, yes depending on your library it could take a lot of work.

I just tested it and I only had to change the year on three of five to get one batch of albums to show in the Alpha order by album title still grouped with the artist.

hahahha Yes that would be way too much for me to do. Ill have to live with it. But I do appreciate all your help!

Please consider posting a feature request. Sounds like you want a primary and secondary sort variable.


What you are asking for is exactly how I would like my music sorted. I hope this becomes a option in the future.

I would like primary and secondary sort as well but would use it to sort by artist then albums by oldest to newest. Most first few albums are better than the last few, in my opinion.

There is already an option for the date sort that you stated. Under the settings/general tab. If you select “sort by artist” it will then sort the albums for each artist by the date you select in the settings/general tab.