Is it possible to rename the ROCK hostname?

I’d like to get inside so I can name the machine something other than “ROCK”. That doesn’t fit with my naming motif.


You can name the machine in the Roon Settings/Setup/Core Name…


That’s not the host name, that the Roon server name. The host name is broadcast via mDNS to the network as “rock”. You log into it as rock.local.

I would like it to broadcast a different name. Imagine if I had two of them…

I think some people do use two ROCKs. One as Core and another as endpoint.

I guessing the names would be different.


There is this post from a while back. I don’t recall any change since.

No both the same it’s annoying as I have two.

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Not possible already asked this as I have two rocks one for server the other endpoint.

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