Is it really necessary or useful...?

As many I was excited when the last interface update came out, but as time goes by I’ve started to find somewhat useless/annoying the section that tells me what I’ve been listening to. After all I’ve been listening… so… I know this… And then there is another section with basically the same information just presented differently. Totally redundant display of information that I’m already totally aware of. I understand some what how this may be useful or interesting but I would prefer to have it in some type of sub menu or tab as opposed to it being two major sections of the main display. I’m thinking that from the Roon perspective this is valuable and useful information but not as much from the user perspective for reasons already mentioned.


I agree with you on this. I’m not a professional database developer, but I did develop apps for use in my work and I found that often I would add some feature to the app because the data was easily available and easily presentable only later to realize that no one used it or even cared :roll_eyes:.


It’s well hidden , just ignore it, there’s plenty more to look at

It’s gone you can’t recover the dev time for better use :joy:

I never use the Home screen except to quickly find a new addition , then I don’t scroll down.

I agree , I can just about remember what I listened if not does it matter

I think a more useful addition would be a graphical genre editor

I think having a customizeable home page would address this and make it more useful for all. Select the widgets and put them in the order you want. Or turn off Home completely for those that don’t want it.

The whole left menu should be customizeable. Hide/Show every choice, sort them into the order you want. Rename “My Stuff” to something else.


Said.all along it needs to be on its own stats page, not the home screen. Home screen should be all about you collection not metrics.

This has been suggested before, and it’s a great idea.


I like Robs idea, a customizable home page would be pretty awesome, everyone could have there own “Personalized Roon”

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