Is it worth getting a Node (N130) only as a streamer?

I already have a good external DAC. I currently use an RPi 4 but I want to have physical playback buttons. (You know, to quickly skip a track before it drives you crazy.)

I may connect a TV using HDMI in the future but I am skeptical about how well eARC works.

Compared to Ropieee, I will lose DSD, but I do not have too many DSD albums. I am not sure if Node has a better volume control than Roon’s DSP volume.

Why not add the Flirc remote?
Or add the 7" Touchscreen and reinstall Ropieee from scratch - okay, buttons aren’t physical ones?!

Check out @DrCWO’s fine measurements of Roon’s DSP volume!


Just use rooNuimo! rooNuimo – best Roon controller ever - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

Ropieee with an OSMC rf remote is your cheapest and best option probably…pretty much plug in setup and go

I use 2 of these and one sits on my wife’s desk so she can drop volume or pause skip etc when she needs to quickly do so

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