Is JRiver ASIO as an endpoint still supported?

There are some very old threads on this topic but it’s not clear if JRiver ASIO as an endpoint is still supported. I cannot get it to work but I’m pretty sure I had it working several roon versions ago unless my memory is playing tricks.

Roon detects JRiver ASIO and I enabled it using all the defaults:

The simplest case is just redirecting audio to the system out through JRiver on the same laptop but I get a “Transport: Failed to initialise the audio device”. You may want to do this if you prefer the JRiver DSP/upsampling etc. and you have good enough earphones to hear the difference.

But what I really want to do is output to lower end DLNA devices whilst travelling that JRiver supports and roon doesn’t (e.g. chromecast). In this case I get no error message. But there is no sound on the target device either. Roon just seems to skip through the queue, retrying the next item every 15 seconds or so. The signal path looks as below. Is there a configuration step I have missed or is this just not supported?

@support, JRiver exposes a WDM (WASAPI) interface as well as an ASIO. It’s hidden in JRiver (Tools->Options->General->Features, scroll down and tick the very last option), but if you enable it you will see this in roon:

More seems to be happening on the WDM endpoint than the ASIO endpoint. There is progress for example on the waveform that you do not see in ASIO. But at the end of the day there is no sound either. Is this JRiver integration supported or have I missed a configuration step?