Is my AVR DAC good enough or should I buy an external DAC?


I have an Anthem AVM60 (their top of the range AV Pre-Processor) which is a pretty awesome bit of kit.

I’m trying to work out if it’s built in DAC is on par with some of the external DAC solutions from Allo?

Should I utilise the Anthem DAC with a DigiOne? Or maybe Go for a complete external network Roon DAC solution and just input analog into the Anthem?


Here’s some related stuff on the Allo DAC.

Personally, I have an Anthem MRX 720 AVR which I use as a prepro. It is a good quality component, as is your AV6000. That said, I use a couple of external DACs in my setup. Comes down to if you like the sound signature of your AVR. What are you using for Roon now?

Thanks Robert.

So far I’ve tried DTS Play-F via the Windows Interface control softwarei, which I think your 720 supports too?

I’ve also tried Nvidia Shield over HDMI which didn’t sound great. But I’ve also got a SB+ (pimped up Squeezebox Classic) but obviously that doesn’t use RAAT.

I’m just pondering DigiOne Player over digital coax and the Boss DAC I guess.

I’ve already got 2 headphone DACs, Chord Mojo and NAD D 1050, however both need USB output from a PC which isn’t great for me in terms of distance from Anthem.


I have a HiFi Berry DAC + Pro I purchased. I have used it with the Anthem’s analog inputs and found it to sound very good. Very affordable endpoint solution.

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I have the AVM 60, which I prefer to a standalone DAC because I can use ARC room correction, which is a bigger positive than a separate DAC.

You can use ARC with a standalone DAC for two channel music, but doing so involves an a/d/a conversion, which means you end up using both the external DAC and the AVM 60 DAC in series. Not a good proposition.

I would try running the Allo DigiOne into one of the coax inputs on the AVM 60.

Thanks Steven, hadn’t consider the A-D-A and ARC, very good point. Plus I’m pretty sure the Anthem DACs are of high quality too.

Good to see another AVM60 on here, amazing bits of kit!